Saturday, April 13, 2013

Seven Years!!!

A special day today in this household -for sure -as it just so happens to be Kurt's birthday!

My special little prince turned seven years old today.

This isn't the most recent picture I have of Kurtis but it's one that I like a lot and it was taken by Miss Maya, using her V-tech camera. She did all the "fancy-schmancy" stuff around the picture all by herself!

Tonight, he doesn't look anything like this as he's starting now to show the wear and tear from a birthday party with 8 other kids here, lots of pizza and chips and dip to eat plus some fancy cupcakes Mandy ordered at work from her boss's wife -who does a lot of special baking for people. She made cupcakes, some in yellow cake, the rest in chocolate (and I have to say these were the best and moistest cupcakes ever) then she frosted the yellow cakes with a thick, creamy chocolate icing and the chocolate ones with a really super-good peanut butter frosting. Some of the cupcakes had a little pirate flag on them while others had a little slip of candy made from the frosting, that was decorated a bit to look like a buccaneer or pirate.Anyway, the cupcakes were really cute and very, very good!

Kurtis has been pretty much overwhelmed though with presents -like two small remote controlled cars and a remote controlled helicopter too, a mock-up of the solar system that sits on a little light and illuminates the sky to reveal all the planets and constellations. (This was a really cool gift for him from his TSS, Miss Dawn, who knows how interested he is in the solar system and how much he can point to and rattle off what the items is, location in the sky and lots of trivia about many of these things in outer space. Incredible to me because at my advanced age, I am lucky if I can name most of the planets, much less to be able to identify them and give you any trivia information about any of those things and yet, here he is, just seven years old, and he knows all kinds of stuff now -already -about our solar system.

But the big -really big gift and a surprise to him too -was a three wheel big -along the lines of one that my son had when he was about Kurt's age -which the rider sits down very low to the ground, pedals like crazy and can also make this bike do spins and turns and such. Needless to say, when he saw this bike, he forgot all about the Ford Mustang Remote control car his Aunt Kathy got him and the Camero remote controlled car that I got him as well as the remote controlled helicopter he got from Aunt Carrie too! From that point on, he's been fascinated with this bike and trying to see how many stunts he can do with this thing!

Oh, and also -it's been a fairly calm day -all things considered -with only 2 or 3 minor meltdowns from kids other than those who reside here!

And, I only saw Maya once while Kurt was opening and raving about his birthday presents where she was counting how many presents he got today.

Maybe Maya is beginning to mature a bit now and not be quite as jealous of her brother as she has been. It's not been unusual for her to count his presents for a birthday or at Christmas and then, lock that information away in her mind until the next gift-bearing type rolls around again when she will whip out exact numbers of presents that she received and compare that number to how many she says Kurt received for the last holiday/gift time!

I spent the day though doing virtually nothing except embroidery work! Finished a pair of terry tea towels in a cute, dainty little floral design and earlier this week, I completed a tabletopper made with white stitching on a red cloth in a Scandinavian type of design kind of like a snowflake but not quite. Really pretty item -in my opinion anyway!

And now, I'm so tired and it's very early in the night too -like 9:00 p.m. -and about ready to fold up like an accordion and crash!

But not before I finish this with the best love and wishes to my sweet little Kurtis on his seventh birthday! Hope there are many, many more birthdays ahead for you, Kurtis, and that Grammy will be around to share the fun of those days with you for many years to come too!

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terri said...

Well, I'm late to the party but HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Kurt! Hard to believe he's seven years old already.

Those Big Wheel things have been around for ages. I had one when I was around Kurt's age. Several of the neighborhood boys and girls had them and we had such fun racing them down the sidewalk and spinning out on them. My Jake had one when he was about that age too. Some toys stand the test of time over all the technology that's out there today.

Mmmm, and those cupcakes sound delicious!