Monday, April 22, 2013

Moving on the Learning Curve

I marvel all the time as I watch how much Kurtis and Maya are learning -every day -something new and different comes my way from them. Just amazing how they are little sponges, soaking up all kinds of things on a constant basis.

What really gets me is how they learn things and you don't realize when they learned something much less how they picked this or that tidbit of knowledge up too. Sometimes, it's random stuff you can track back fairly quickly to what they learned on the TV a few minutes earlier but other times, it's so subtle you just can't ever seem to put your finger on it.

I think back to 10 years ago this summer when I was in the hospital recuperating from abdominal surgery to remove a malignant tumor and my older daughter and her son came to see me. The grandson was then almost 6 years old, just having finished kindergarten I believe. Anyway, they came in and my daughter informed me that Alex had a card he had made, just for me. It was a lovely little hand-drawn get-well card with flowers all over the inside -very cute, indeed. And I thanked him as well as complimented him on his prowess in drawing all those pretty flowers.

I remarked to him then that perhaps he too has a lot of artistic talents, like his Uncle Clate and who knows but maybe someday when he grows up he can be an artist.

His response floored both me and his mother and he stated, flatly, "No, Gram. I'm just going to be a paleontologist."

Hmmm. Really? What the heck is that?

Well, actually I knew what a paleontologist does, basically anyway, but I know darned well that when I was that same age I had never heard of that word!

Even at my ripe old age now, I find myself learning all kinds of new words -maybe not every day but frequently enough for me.

If you'd asked me about two-three months ago what an epiphone was, much less an epiphone Les Paul I know I couldn't have told you -other than figuring it must have something to do with music because I remember listening, as a kid, to songs done by Les Paul and Mary Ford and I remember he played a guitar too.

But now, I know and have a bit of an idea about how this -an epiphone -is quite the creme de la creme, apparently, in the music world!

Yep -learn something new every day and keep on doing that!

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