Sunday, April 07, 2013

Coming Up?

Well, the weekend is over and what a nice, pleasant one it was too!

Beautiful weather with temps very comfortable and lots of lovely sunshine to help keep moods more than a bit sunny too!

It was sooooo nice that not once did I have to wear my heavy winter jacket when I took Sam out for his walks and I love that!

Of course, around these hills, at this time of year, it can always reverse course too sometimes and Mother Nature may decide to wallop us yet again with a bit of snow or ice and freezing temperatures but I sure hope she stays cool, calm and collected and doesn't pack one of those punches on us.

However, I had switched off from my regular winter jacket a few days back when it was more than a bit on the, shall we say, nippy side, and decided to try out a jacket that I got as a "hand-me-down" from a friend who had been cleaning her closet. It's a very nice jacket -a bit light-weight compared to my normal winter jacket but for me, it fits very tightly -actually too tight for my tastes and comfort. I like the fabric of it because it is totally wind and waterproof -kind of, I assume, like ski jackets maybe? But I can't for the life of me figure out how to fasten it at the neck for a very close fit there that keeps the wind from blowing through and freezing my ears!

That's also the biggest gripe I have too with my heavy winter coat as the hood on it is a bit on the loose side and to keep the furry trim from blowing around in my face, I have to wear a ski-type hat, pull the hood up and then, wrap a scarf around the neck to keep it all in place and not have the edge of the hood fall over and around my eyes!

The jacket bestowed on me is just the plain waterproof fabric, so it really doesn't provide the kind of comfort warmth I like but then too, if I can't figure out where to snap the various pieces on to the jacket itself, that does me no good at all then in the protection department for my ears either.

Oh well, here's hoping I won't be needing that much bundling up now with spring actually trying to show its lovely face.


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terri said...

I hope you're right about spring. We're getting another snowstorm here, according to the weather man.