Friday, February 03, 2012

My Own News Service

I often feel that I am totally at the bottom end of the informational food chain as frequently, I hear about things that are happening or happened to friends of mine and that so-called news is really old hat stuff.

Yesterday, Mandy had been out and when she came back home she informed me that a good friend of mine is moving over to a place in Clearfield to one of those Independent living communities. Now I haven't seen or talked to Gert in several months but I was totally surprised to learn she was taking this step!

I asked Mandy where she heard this and she told me she'd run into Gert up at the local truckstop and she'd told her about the impending move then. She told Mandy that she just got tired of all the work with the upkeep of a house by herself.

I can't say as I blame her there as I think if I were here by myself, I'd probably give some serious consideration to making a move like that too.

But too, for those who think this makes life just a piece of cake, it can also be something that can also be very disruptive too. My one aunt made a move like this back in the mid-to-late 90s and although she eventually adapted okay to her new surroundings, it was really difficult for her for a good while to get over having had to sell the house that she and my late uncle had built -a beautiful big ranch house on the outskirts of the small town nearby. That and leaving so many good friends too that she had cultivated from the late 40s on through the 90s -that was a hard thing for her to cope with too.

A lady who lived on this street too -had been here all my life -made a similar move like that too about 7-8 years ago. She had huge old two-story house here with four bedrooms, a full basement that was all fixed up and virtually every convenience known to man as well I think but she sold her house and moved to one of these places and for her, she has been in love with the place I think right from the get-go! I, on the other hand, still miss her not being here very much!

So I hope for my friend, Gert, that her move puts her into a good place in all respects. But one of her daughters lives over in that town, plus a granddaughter is still in high school there too, I think, so she'll most likely have people around her to help with her initial adjustment to her new living surroundings.

Just hope she doesn't forget to take a run down this way from time to time though!

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