Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Improvisation -The Name of the Game!

There's been some shifting around in the house of certain units of furniture lately -due mainly to the addition a week ago of a lovely little WEI game the kids received via an anonymous donor.

Because the larger TV set we had in the living room won't work if you try to hook up a DVD player or any other contraptions to it, Mandy had the TV set she had in her room brought downstairs and hooked up because the WEI will work on it. Disaster avoided there at least temporarily, huh?

However, there's one slight problem with her set too though.

Seems that set has to "warm up" for several minutes before you get any volume at all and then, you spend the next 5-10 minutes cutting back on the volume to get it to a level you want so you can hear without being blasted out of the house by the sound.

I'm wondering now if we had some kind of bookshelf speakers hooked up here if that would help the audio to spread around the room a bit better -once the audio gets warmed up, that is?

And then again, I'm thinking that perhaps the time has come to just invest in a new TV set?

Yeah, that idea sounds like the better one to me. Now to figure out where to locate the coins to do just that too.

Always something, right?

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terri said...

Televisions used to last forever. I think there's a conspiracy to keep us buying ever newer and better sets. They just don't seem to work like they used to.