Thursday, February 09, 2012

The Diva's Demands!

Maya's been fairly quiet since Christmas with her fashionesta quests but lately, she's back on track and with Maya, that means she's once again surfing clothing and shoe sites on line!

She's a huge fan of the Sketcher's page and keeps showing up this or that pair that she wants and what holiday or special occasion she wants them for too. I hate to disillusion the little girl but in my opinion, since she already has a couple pair of Sketchers in her size, she sure as heck doesn't need any more!

I'm just thankful she isn't into horses and riding or she'd be clamoring for a pair of equestrian boots then I suppose.

Sometimes, I think we're going to need to build on an extra room and use it for two things -my fabrics and craft items and Maya's shoes and boots!

Yeah, I'm willing to concede that we both have our obsessions and we both need more space to accommodate them too!

Either that or do some really severe tossing during spring cleaning this year!


terri said...

Well, I'd have to say she's turning into a pretty typical young lady. Don't we all love shoes?

Smalltown RN said...

Having raised 3 daughters and all of them into different things at different times was challenging. My middle daughter when she was young was the boy I never had. She would only wear boys clothes and we only shopped in the boys section and she even had a boy haircut....not oh my...from one extreme to the other she is a fashionesta as least this time it's her pocketbook and her room that has to take care of it all!