Thursday, February 09, 2012

Computers: Bah Humbug!

Ever have one of those days (or maybe several in a string of days) where almost every time you touch your computer to do something, it goes all weird, bonkers and just plain strange on you?

I'm currently in the midst of one of those streaks and if I had the coinage available, you can bet your bottom dollar I'd be heading out to solve my problems by purchasing a couple of laptops! Yes, you read that correctly as I did type the plural there!

Why more than one? Well, I think that might be the only way to keep my things running in sync and orderly and operating the way they are supposed to do!

Right now, I'm having issues with my camera and trying to upload photos from it. When I hook up the little cable thingy from my computer to my camera, it normally shows me two camera icons along my systray and as each one pops up there, I hear a little tone to let me know it's there. Well, I can hear that tone but no icons are appearing. (One is for my daughter's camera and the other is for mine in case you are wondering why two icons.)

Yesterday, I went to my control panel and from there to the area where it shows your printers and other devices and normally, those two camera icons show up there but yesterday, they were absent; unaccounted for! So, I decided maybe I needed to reload something or other to my computer to tell it to go to the cameras and upload photos from them (whichever one) to my computer. I dug around and found the stinking Kodak EasyShare disc and plunked it into the cd/dvd compartment only to be told -big surprise -that the computer wouldn't recognize that cd/dvd but I could go to some website and select what I wanted from there. Which I did and I loaded up the stinking EasyShare then. If you are getting the idea I don't like the EasyShare program, you are quite right, very much in sync there with my thought processes about that program! (I hate it!)

I finally thought I had been successful this a.m. then in uploading pictures from my camera to the computer but when I went to My Pictures to view them, gee, guess what wasn't there! Yep! My pictures I had just taken off the camera and sent -supposedly -to the computer files. And what's more, I'd also had the old pictures on the camera deleted too after the transfer!

Talk about being ticked off, that was me, for sure!

I have no idea what happened to the methodology I had been using to transfer photos from my camera to my computer as I had done nothing to change anything -until last night, that is -but anyway, my old method no longer exists on my computer or if it is here, I have no clue where in blazes it is hiding. But earlier this afternoon, I did finally locate a file within My Pictures that contained the photos I'd transferred over this morning and I then had to move them to a different file to keep them in the organized way I currently have my photos set up -so I'd then easily be able to relocate them at least.

Add to that, I have a message that keeps coming back to my computer in the "Action Center" -that's what it's called on my computer. This message says that my security setup has detected something -potentially harmful software -on my computer and says I should click "clean" to eliminate this thing after which, I should do a shut down and reboot my system. Well, I've followed their directions three times now and each time I reboot, that same freaking message returns to annoy me! Anyone got a clue as to what to do with this stuff anyway?

I do totally hate when I have any kind of problems with my computer because it seems no one can ever give instructions as to how to get rid of any of these issues using plain and simple English! Everything has to be in some form of what I call "Computerese" which to me is the same as talking to an attorney or trying to read legal papers of any type in which every other word is a "Wherefore" or "party of the first" or something like that. All mumble-jumble to my brain's tiny receptors at any rate!

So if you have a clue as to what is causing these problems with my system and can explain it all how to fix it in good old fashioned English, feel free to drop me a note!

In the meantime, I'll be here, trying to do what little I can with what I have to work with which ain't much right now -or so it seems!

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terri said...

I wish I could help. When things like this happen to me, I pretty much do what you do. I click on things and try different things until something seems to be resolved. Hope you can figure yours out.