Friday, February 03, 2012

Lacking Comprehension!

There happens to be a certain individual, who shall remain nameless, unidentified here, who continues to confound me.

Imagine if you would, having several children and having next to no contact with any of them or only very sporadic contact at best with a few of them. Imagine too a person who has had a business that had very good potential but lost it due completely to mismanagement. Then too, imagine having specialized tools to ply your particular trade but losing them to a previous employer because of money advanced to you and not showing up to work the hours required for the hours of pay advanced so the employer confiscated those tools because the employee walked out and left them there.

Imagine having a court order for child support but not paying it and then wondering why the older children -who know and understand this -don't care to associate with said person. Imagine not being able to go to work for several days at a clip because of withdrawal from drug abuse then imagine the custodial parent of some of those children not allowing visitation because of said documented drug abuse but then blaming the lack of visitation on that custodial parent and not comprehending why that parent is "being so mean."

Imagine not bothering to renew a driver's license and not carrying mandatory vehicle insurance and owing money on a vehicle (the only vehicle you have too) and then, going out on the highway, high on pills and hitting a telephone pole and then leaving the scene of the accident.

Imagine spending time in jail for the non-payment of child support as well as contempt of court for not showing up for a court ordered hearing but blaming those circumstances too on the custodial parent.

A good stay in a rehab center sure does seem to me to be something that should take place but how to get that to come about is the issue now. About the only thing this person does NOT need is bath salt abuse addiction rehab treatment but darned near any other type of addiction imaginable is probably fair game.

If someone had told me a few years back -not that many years, just a couple really, that I would know someone in such dire straits, someone who rarely says anything that is the truth these days, but who blames every problem mentioned above on anyone else that happens to be handy -no responsibility accepted whatsoever for any of those actions, I would have then said "It will never happen."

And yet, how quickly those things do become addictions and how quickly too the physical, mental and emotional well being of a person involved in those substances deteriorates.

I wish there were a way to get help for this person but I know it is now in that person's hands to recognize how drastically that help is needed to restore life to some semblance of normalcy.

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terri said...

It always makes me so sad to hear of someone in that kind of state. It makes the term that is so often associated with addictions, "downward spiral" really make sense. And a person has to hit rock-bottom and recognize the need for help before anything can get better. I hope that recognition will come soon.