Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Welcome Back Home!

We had a scare this week when our sweet cat -Pearl the Purrball -went missing Monday evening!

Mandy asked me about 8:30 Monday evening if I'd seen the cat that evening and as we thought about it, neither of us could recollect seeing her at all.

Okay, she's a typical arrogant, snobby cat a lot of the time and loves to find little corners or crevices even at times where she thinks she can fit into and hid to sleep but even so, it's unusual for her to not be moving around at least a little bit during the evening. Especially since she dearly loves to use those hours to torment Sam, the mutt, and rile him up, get him to chasing her around the house.

So we went on a search and destroy mission and spent the rest of the night searching the upstairs bedrooms, the downstairs rooms, the basement, looking in cupboards, under beds, behind various pieces of furniture but no Pearl. Mandy even took the flashlight and went outside to walk around the house several times on the outside chance she had managed to get outside but still, no trace of Pearl.

Tuesday a.m., still no sign of her in the house and when the kids got up for school, Mandy gave them both the third degree questioning during which time Kurtis said he had let her outside Monday night!

What? Why on earth would he have done that for openers and secondly, did he really do that or was he maybe just making that story up? Never can tell with kids that age range about things like that you know.

But anyway, Tuesday, Mandy got several flyers posted around town about our missing cat and I put up several photos too on our Facebook pages of our pretty Pearl in hopes if someone saw her they would call us and we could then go pick her up and bring her home where she belongs.

Tuesday night came and it was a sad, sad family that went to sleep here without Pearl being here with us yet again.

Wednesday morning, Mandy was in the bathroom combing Maya's hair and helping her get ready for school when Ken came to the bathroom door and told her to look. There he had Pearl in his arms!

He'd seen her apparently out in the back yard, heading towards the deck and managed to coax her back into the house so when he carried her back to the bathroom to show her to Mandy, it was one very happy occasion for her and Maya for sure!

Mandy came out into my room and woke me up saying "Look who's here!" and I opened my eyes to see Pearl in her arms. Reaching out for the cat and holding her, she was purring up a storm -her normal plus maybe turning the amps up a couple of notches too!

So that old saying of "All's well that ends well" surely is the truth in this house today now!

And Pearl has been sure getting a whole lot of attention here today!

Thankfully, the only thing I could see from her little outdoor jaunt is a tiny little scratch on her nose but boy, it sure could have turned out much, much worse for her and for us!

So glad our sweet little cat Pearl made her way back home to us!

Isn't she just beautiful though?

Now, if only her father, our big old Tomcat, Fluffernutter, would return home too! He's a very independent mainly outdoor cat but he's not been around for almost two weeks now. Wish he'd stop this roaming around and return to the fold too, ya know!


Sandi McBride said...

I am so glad that Pearl made her way home! I know exactly how you feel, it's like one of the children is out in the wild with no her a bit for me, too! And Cher sends her a cuddle!
Sandi (and Cher at One Cat Shy of Crazy)

terri said...

She's a sweetie, alright. So glad to hear she found her way back home!

Kat said...

Oh she is BEAUTIFUL. What a pretty cat. So glad she is back home. I love a happy ending. :)

Maggie May said...

So pleased that this *tail* had a happy ending.
Pearl is too gorgeous to lose.
Maggie X

Nuts in May