Sunday, July 04, 2010


I'm not sick. I'm not physically tired or exhausted. But there are many, many things of which I am TIRED!

If you sense a bit of a rant coming on and don't want to hear it, I can understand that. Why? Because I am tired of the rants and ravings that have been going on for longer than I can remember now about some things.

But mostly, I am tired of people talking to me, complaining about this, that or some other things and asking my advice, wanting to know how I feel about things and when I tell them, they go and do the same things they've always done. Which is to ignore everything I'd just said to them!

So, for now and until if at sometime in the future someone asks my opinion, requests my advice, wants to cull what bits of knowledge I have accumulated over the years and actually says -and follows through -what I impart to them is good, insightful knowledge and advice, if you've no intent at all to pay one lick of attention to what I know, what I have experienced first-hand, what I've studied and learned, then don't bother me with your complaints about your life, with your financial problems, with your relationship problems. Matter of fact, don't even ask me how to boil water cause as much attention you pay to what I've said in the past, you'd probably not listen to me explain how to do that!

If you've run up all kinds of bills and haven't made any attempt to keep current with them, then don't tell me about it and ignore what I say about how to calculate expenses. That is, if you have bills totally oh, say $500 and your paycheck only comes to $300, then gee, guess you are going to be short on payment, aren't you? If you know you have bills amounting to X-amount per month and your income just barely covers that amount, then don't go adding to your bills cause gee, there's not enough left over to cover it. Now how difficult a concept is that to understand anyway, in the first place?

Apparently it must be really hard to figure this out because I sure do get a lot of feedback of concerns about how to deal with this, that and some other bill and not having adequate funds. Well, if you'd do the math first and spend accordingly, you wouldn't have these issues in the long run!

If you're in a relationship and feel that relationship is in trouble, then stop and assess what things YOU are doing first that might be causing some of that trouble. And, if you find out from careful assessment that you are completely innocent, devoid of having done anything wrong in the relationship, then what's the problem? If, on the other hand, you realize you have done this or that or some other thing wrong and it caused hurt feelings, then deal with that what you did wrong beginning perhaps with an apology to the person whose feelings were hurt and work forward from there. But don't expect that a simple apology will cure EVERYTHING. It may help somewhat but you still have to change what you were doing wrong all along in that process too!

Behavior like this -to me -is kind of like the behavior I would expect from my grandchildren -who are too young to fully understand that if you push, shove, hit or kick someone your size or smaller, odds are they are not going to be very happy about being the one getting pushed, shoved, hit or kicked and neither are any adults around. If I won't put up with the kids doing things like this to each other, what makes you think -for a New York Minute -that I'm going to be any more inclined to accept similar behavior from someone who is -legally speaking -considered to be an adult but who is behaving like a child who doesn't really know any better!

If over the past so many years you ignored various bills coming to you, neglected to pay them and have outstanding debt that has to be reconciled before you can move on in your life and if I give you advice as to where you could go live, very inexpensively, where you would get aid and assistance for various things -relationships, finances, housing, and the like -and you ignore my advice and then find out gee, you can't make a move anywhere until you settle up some of these back bills that you ignored because you were too engrossed in your happy place, doing all your happy things, I'm sorry to say that I'm no longer available to listen or even to care about your dilemma cause you dug that hole all by your lonesome.

Since you didn't like my earlier suggestions, information I passed on to you because you said you really needed someone to help you, someone to listen to you as you wailed and bemoaned your situation, when I told you not to get any further in debt and you went ahead and did that anyway, DO. NOT. COME. CRYING. TO. ME. AGAIN!

This "couch" for counseling will not be available to anyone who does not sign a paper, in blood, that all advice given here will be strictly adhered to and not ignored totally by the signee!

Now, my mind is cleared of this rubble and I do feel much, much better!

Thank you for listening to my own little rant.

End. Of. Discussion.


Sandee said...

Too many people are doing just this. It's very sad. Too bad they didn't listen either. Just saying. Very nice rant though.

Have a terrific day. Happy Independence Day too. :)

terri said...

Feeling a bit frustrated, eh? I can't say as I blame you!

Maggie May said...

Wow....... whats this all about?!
Hope who ever it is will get the message strongly and hope you feel better for the rant because we all need to do that every now & then.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

TechnoBabe said...

It is one thing to give advice when no one asked. But when asked for advice the person asking has to be ready to hear it.

Smalltown RN said...

Hmmmmmmm.....did someone get their Twizzlers burnt today? Well if they don't want to do something about it, then don't ask...right on sister!

Deb said...

Thought I was the only one who ranted! Glad to know that I am not alone...and if people would listen to us, life would be so much easier !

Travis Cody said...

Feel better?

I'm with you. Getting in over your head because you've lost your job in an economic downturn is one thing. But getting in over your head because you simply can't be bothered to do the math? That's a tough one to be sympathetic to.