Friday, July 16, 2010

Shocks to the System!

Last night, after the sun was beginning to set and things were cooling down a bit, Sammy and I went for a walk up the road so I could get a copy of the local newspaper from the machine up at the town's Moose Hall.

It is a nice walk -about a mile and a half, roughly speaking -round trip from the house to the hall and back home again. Usually, this walk isn't such that I see things that are exciting or that would be neat photo-ops so I don't always take my camera with me.

But last night? Well as it turned out, I really should have taken the old camera along so that I could put a picture up and say to you to click here and be able to show you what we saw!

It most definitely was a surprise sight for me as we began walking past this tiny wooded patch along the street here and to see on the road a dead SNAKE!

Yep! There it was, and quite thankfully, it was DEAD! Not one of my favorite things in the whole wide world to see, that's for sure.

I don't know for sure what kind of snake it was but the markings on it were a diamond-like pattern of blacks and browns. My neighbor who lives fairly near to where the dead snake was laying says it was probably just a garter snake or some kind of non-poisonous type but as far as I was concerned, the breed makes no difference to me cause I don't care to see any kind of snakes -unless of course it is as this one was -deader than a doornail!

But, what is a surprise to me is that this is the first time this spring and summer season that I have seen a snake of any type around here even though many of my walks here with Sammy involve going down roads into the wooded areas and yes, these areas are often quite notorious for being home to lots and lots of snakes -often rattlers and copperheads too!

That probably will serve as the most exciting thing that's happened to me this week -maybe even for the entire month for that matter!

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Berni said...

Sounds like a garter snake to me. We get rattlers here in the hills but I am unlikely to see one.