Friday, July 23, 2010

A Little Good Fortune...

Those of you who have been following my blog for any length of time know that my daughter, her husband and their two small children and I have been living together in the old family homestead that I call home for the past eight, almost nine years now.

It's been a relationship that for the most part has worked out very well for all of us. But like lots of relationships of blended families, we've had our fair share of upheavals along the way too.

Recently though, we've had a major change in the household.

My daughter and her husband have been having some problems -okay, a lot of problems -which I won't go into detail about but it ended up with my son-in-law moving out of the house.

Because he had no place to go initially, he stayed with my son and his girlfriend for a while until he found an apartment for himself.

Once he had the apartment located, then came the issue of finding furnishings for it that he could afford. And in this respect, he really scored -big time!

Seems a neighbor family of ours here was moving out of their home -relocating to Georgia -and in the process of their move, they had several yard and garage sales and such and trying to find ways to find people who would be interested in some of the larger items because the husband just didn't want to have to move a lot of really large furniture. Pretty understandable move on his behalf, don't you think?

Well as it turned out, my son-in-law had to do some work on one of their vehicles and in the course of conversation, the guy moving asked the son-in-law if we would be interested in purchasing their living room suite. Well, we don't need one here and couldn't afford what they were initially asking and the son-in-law, who really needs a living room suite said he'd love to be able to buy it but he was really unable to match their price at the time.

Eventually, the seller negotiated a bit, lowering the price -which was still a lot more than the son-in-law had at the time and that's when the owner really gave a great deal to the son-in-law.

He said he simply didn't want to move this set of furniture -which consists of one of those really large contemporary sofas -a big sectional type, ya know -and he told the son-in-law he would put this sofa in the garage at the house they were leaving and the son-in-law could pick it up and take it and as he acquired a few bucks here and there, could then send them payments in increments he could afford!

The son-in-law said this sofa set probably sells for over $2,000 and the family had just purchased it a little over a year ago, so it is almost brand-spanking-new and beautiful, just beautiful. The selling price? A mere $150!

How incredible a deal -a stroke of luck, fate, good fortune (call it whatever you want) is that?

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Sandee said...

Sorry to hear about the split, but what a deal on that furniture. Wow. A stoke of luck.

Have a terrific day and weekend. :)