Friday, July 16, 2010

Future Concerns? Maybe.

I know I have posted a lot over the past almost four years now about my two younger grandkids here, about their actions, reactions, comic things they do or have done or that they say too, and this is going to be a post about a current concern we do have with Miss Maya, my six-year-old, soon to be seven, granddaughter.

She has, from time to time, been know to obsess about some things. This is due mainly to the autism factor she has and though some of these issues have been a bit comical at times -like her obsessing over the calendar and appointments and such -she has one thing right now that we are having a lot of difficulty with her trying to curb this.

She obsesses about any "boo-boo" she may have or even one she sees on any of us around her at times too! This involves her constant scratching at any bug bites she may have or the least little mark on her arms or legs that involves a bit of a scab.

We keep telling her now -since she will be going into first grade in the fall -that if she keeps scratching or digging at these things, she will be all scarred up come September and that is not the way a first-grader should look, much less act too.

I know this is looking a ways down the road, but what if we don't get this obsession under control and suppose when she is a bit older she develops issues with skin problems and maybe will need extra help then in the form of an acne treatment that works? I'm not saying her constant scratching and digging at things now might cause acne, but if she were to develop that condition, she definitely shouldn't be totally engrossed in wanting to scratch or pick or dig at something like that. So you see, this could lead to a lot more problems if we aren't soon able to get her away from this particular obsession some way, some how.

Now, if we could also just get her to stop trying to scare Kurtis all the time by telling him that the Boogie Man is out in Grammy's bedroom so he is terrified to walk out through the front porch and front door if the door to my bedroom is open, well that would be another good thing to have happen here too!

Yes, she is quite the imp with respect to doing little nasty tricks like that to her little brother which then feeds on his particular quirky obsessions too!

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Travis Cody said...

Scaring the little brother? That's normal! I used to tell my sister that the boogie man was under my bed and could only be controlled when I was home...that worked for awhile to keep her out of my room.