Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Till When? Then, I Hope!

Been running around again today -here, there and everywhere, or so it seems.

Bible School again this morning with the kids. Thankfully, that has gone very well thus far this week. Home from that and really tired but managed to down some more coffee and got a second wind I guess then to kick in so I could go to State College and pick up the older grandson so he could come up here and spend the night tonight.

Then, off to Walmart where I had to purchase a 2 quart jug with a wide mouth and sturdy, leak-proof type cap in which I could mix up my cocktail I have to drink tomorrow afternoon to clean my innards inside out, ya know. Gad! How I hate that stinking procedure!

I had to mix up a big jar of Miralax with either Gatorade or Propel but neither of these -whichever I selected -could be in the colors of red, purple or orange! So that left me with only lemon-lime flavor gatorade to pick from initially. Until I discovered the Propel is a clear liquid but comes in other flavors so I decided to give the Wild Cherry option a go.

I do find it rather ironic that I am drinking Miralax with Wild Cherry Propel -all in an effort to do some PROPELLING of the body waste products, ya know.

Home this evening and a very good friend from church stopped by to give me a card and inside the card was a check -from the Women's Group at our church -a very generous gift to help Mandy and me with the motel and gas expenses of this trip. Well, at least now I can rule out worrying about being overdrawn on my checking account, can't I?

I just want to thank my blogger buds -you all know who you are those who stopped by to wish me well tomorrow and again Friday with the surgery and for a speedy recovery and return back to my home. To my friends here at home too who called to wish me well and offer prayers for me, along with Facebook friends too, doing the same thing. You have no idea how calming these things are for me, or how good a feeling it all leaves within me too.

So thank you, thank you and thank you all once more.

You're all THE BEST!

Hope to talk to everyone again in about 5-7 days from now -perhaps!


Sandee said...

That was very nice of the church ladies to help out with the expenses. Very nice indeed. I'm sure that put a big smile on your face. You just don't need to be worry about money right now. Just saying.

Big hug. :)

Jocelyn said...

I am completely thinking of you and your Cleansed Bowel. EEEK.

Do be well, honey. I'll think of you as I fly over the ocean! We'll meet up again after our next small adventures, eh?

Palm Springs Savant said...

oh gosh, well best of luck with it today. I'll be thinking of you.

TechnoBabe said...

Best wishes, Jeni. You are strong and will do well. Hugs to you. Looking forward to hearing how you are doing in a week or so.

Debbie said...

I hope all is going well. I will be anxious to hear how you are.

... Paige said...

I look forward to your next post...telling all is a-okay

easy hugs- don't want any propelling going one :-)

terri said...

I'll be thinking of you and saying a few prayers that all goes very well for you. *HUG*

Travis Cody said...

I'll be thinking positive thoughts for you tomorrow and over the weekend. I'm sure you'll be fine!

Skittles said...

I'm praying for you, my friend.

Guess what your verification word is for this comment? Belly. I find that ironic. :)

masgblog said...

hi Jeni,,,I haven't visited you lately, and for that I am sorry, but know that you are in my prayers...xo

Dianne said...

thinking of you Jeni
big hugs

Paula said...

Hope you recover quickly, Jeni, and take it easy until you are given the release. Kick your feet up and give yourself time to heal.
I've been gone from the computer world for a few weeks, but am back and sending warm wishes your way~