Saturday, July 17, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Wonder if my kids remember that there is a very important day just around the corner that they need to pay attention to and at least, give their Dad a phone call.

Next Wednesday -the 21st -is their Dad's birthday! We won't go into details here right now as to how old "the old man" will be then. That's really not that important in the grand scheme of things.

What is important though is that the kids (hopefully) each will remember that date and give him a call, maybe even sing "Happy Birthday" to him over the phone. I'm quite sure Kurtis here can easily be cajoled into singing that song for his Poppy seeing as he launches into singing it at the drop of a hat.

And, speaking of dropping hats, there is something there that brings the potential for a gift for the old guy too.

Old Poppy, you see, is a bit on the sensitive side about his hair. I'm thinking if the kids want to get him a gift he really could use, they might want to consider this - give him some hair loss products for men!

Even though Poppy hasn't cut his hair now since the fall of 1993 and generally keeps those long tresses (is that an appropriate word for long hair on men?) tucked up under a baseball cap, what he doesn't yet realize is that it is the constant wearing of some type of baseball cap that has created that area on the top of his head that is now pretty much naked as a jaybird!

As we get older, we all still retain some of those egotistical things, don't we -like having all our hair or not gaining loads of weight or other things that tend to keep a shred of pride alive for us. And with him, I know he's a bit edgy over the hair loss thing but at the same time, I think he still has enough of a sense of humor that the kids could consider getting him something like this for this big birthday of his.

Happy Birthday (a bit early) to Poppy! (With my blessings too. LOL)

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