Friday, July 16, 2010

Things To Remember

Well, after a bit of a hiatus from blogging -and blog reading too -I am finally once again caught up on my Reader and being more than a bit behind in posting anything for about a week now, I figured I'd best get moving today and do something about that!

Where to begin though to talk about my busy life -now there's a joke for ya -and make it sound so interesting, even scintillating too, there's the problem for me. My life tends to be pretty dull, quiet and quite boring but here goes nothing.

One thing that happened recently was that I received a notification from my bank about a change in their procedures. This pertains mainly to people who may have a problem with managing their checking accounts and who often have overdrawn checks.

Now this is an area in which I -supposedly -do not have a problem because I also have a "line of credit" with my bank that if, on occasion, my account balance doesn't have enough funds there to cover a bill payment, check or card purchase, the bank will withdraw adequate funds then from my line of credit to cover that expenditure and I will not get charged with an overdrawn check. It's a system that has always worked nicely for me on the occasions when I have too much month and not quite enough money, ya know.

Well the bank is still offering that service to me but now, there is a hitch to it. Anytime now that I am in a situation where the bank dips into my line of credit, I will also be charged a $5.00 transfer fee for them to move adequate funds to my checking account to cover the deficit.

It's not that I have to rely on this service all the time but every now and then, I may have extra expenses that would put a bit of an extra drain on my already meager funds -like extra doctor bills, etc. -and run a bit short.

However, now with them charging extra to my line of credit I am going to have to keep track of whatever my current balance is on that account and keep that in mind along with keeping track of my checking account balance. I think I'm going to need some type of equipment to track my expenditures really closely and make sure that I keep tabs on all those little bits of paper I get when I make purchases -you know, those things from the receipt printer and then remember to mark those things down not just in my check book but also, so I am aware more of when I might be in need over the overdraft protection thing that might be about to kick in on me too.

This extra charge the bank is initiating really irks me though. Seems to me that I am getting charged for the line of credit I have there each month with my monthly payment, which of course, involves paying interest on that money but now, will be charged a fee for using that credit amount and be paying interest -again-on money I'm already being charged interest on for using the account in the first place.

I don't know if my logic there holds water or not to the powers that be who have determined to place these extra charges on use of checking accounts and overdraft accounts and such, but it does make sense to me that I am possibly going to get clipped an extra $5.00 just for "borrowing" more money as it where from the darned bank.

Seems every time you turn around the banks are there with their hand ready to snag a few more bucks from the little guy using their services to me.

Anyone else see things the same way as I do?

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Berni said...

Have to admit I haven't wanted to blog at all. Barely even use Facebook. Still scan my feeds but haven't been visiting much. It feels like a holiday for me here since I am out with so much more and going for walks with other women twice a day except when it is very hot. Blogging kept me sane when I lived in the bush but I have sort of lost interest. Maybe when winter comes I will want to get back into it regularly.