Friday, July 23, 2010

Birthday Planning...

Next month will be another busy month for me with respect to celebrations and such as my son and my older grandson both will be having birthday celebrations of some type or other. My grandson's birthday is August 19th and my son's is August 22nd, so we usually try to find a day in between those two dates that is acceptable for the rest of the family to get together and have a party, of sorts, here for both of them together.

Finding a date when my older daughter doesn't have to work is often difficult but now, we also have to consider what days my younger daughter has work too as well as if the time we are working with plays into when the grandson's father doesn't have custody of him too. This stuff can sometimes be a little tricky to maneuver around but we usually do manage to find some date that works best for everyone.

What is difficult though -for me -is figuring out what to get either of these two guys!

I don't normally buy clothes of any kind for the grandson as I have no clue what sizes he wears nor do I know that much either of what styles he likes as well as things he may really need either. So, as a result of that -plus I stated a long time ago that I won't buy toys for him cause I simply can not afford the price tags on the type of toys he likes now -which usually lean towards high-end electronic stuff. He and I came to an agreement on this a couple years ago now and since then, I usually try to find books for him on topics I know he finds interesting. It works well for him and also for me too as since I have always loved to read, love books, it makes me feel very happy to get him something like some books I know he will enjoy over and over again.

My son, on the other hand, rarely shells out money for clothes and as such, his wardrobe can often use a little addition here and there. One thing I wish I could get for him is some polo boots as I have seen several styles that I thought were really sharp and snazzy but knowing my son, he probably would just prefer another raggy pair of tennis shoes from Goodwill or some other charitable organization like that. I know, I know. There is no accounting for taste, is there? He does often much prefer searching the used clothing stores though for items that he considers to be "treasures" of retro type clothes and such. (Quite often, some of his purchases along those lines cause more than a bit of chagrin too, particularly with his older sister who believes in buying name brand, top-of-the-line stuff in the latest styles too!)

I know he really could use a nice new pair of shoes but sadly too, right now, much as I'd like to get him something really nice, that he does need and all that, my funds are probably gonna be a bit limited (again) and I'll have to see if I can find him some new tee shirts in designs I know he likes there then!

Kids and their tastes! Go figure, huh?


... Paige said...

Tee shirts are great for everyone!

Um, I suppose it's a sad thing about SiL and daughter breaking up?

terri said...

I always find it difficult to buy gifts for anyone over the age of say, 5. That's why I love gift cards. Or cash. You can't go wrong with cash.