Friday, July 23, 2010

Children's Talk....

Maya is of an age now where she not only talks -a lot, really, really, a lot -and unfortunately at times, her conversations are not always what one would like to hear her say in public either!

What child doesn't have issues like that though? I think all of us have, when we were children, said things that may have been the truth but kind of left you thinking about the impact the words may have had on others around too.

This past Wednesday, since my older grandson had spent two nights up here with us and had to return home that day, I had to meet his mother (my older daughter) at the truckstop in Snow Shoe, which is about 15 miles from here. Since I was already out of the house and that is in the general direction of State College, I decided I needed to run do there to the mall and look for a couple of items I needed.

Mandy had gone that morning to take Kurtis to a doctor's appointment in Dubois so I had to take Miss Maya with me. Before we left, I reminded her -frequently -that I expected her to be on her best behavior so I could shop in peace that way.

We went to the Joann Fabrics store over in State College -which is one of my favorite places to shop and has been for many, many years. Lately, since I don't do all that much sewing these days, I haven't been going there to check out the beautiful fabrics but most often now, my purchases there, are items I need for my embroidery work -more floss, cards to put the floss on, storage containers too so I can keep better track of my floss -how much, what colors, I have, etc.

This kind of shopping often though is more than a bit tedious for children of any age and especially for those in Maya's age range. She was that day actually behaving fairly well though.

At one point however, from where I was looking at embroidery stuff, we could hear the voices of an adult reprimanding a child and the kid's responses now and then too. As they neared the aisle were Maya and I were we heard the mother tell the child "You are NOT being a very nice little girl!" and she was a bit loud as she said that which indicated to me she was at a level of frustration that I do know -all too well.

As they walked past our aisle, Maya realized they were the people we had been hearing and in her best voice -translate that as LOUD -Maya pointed to the little girl about the same age/size as she is, who was hanging on to the front of the cart and making noises - "That girl really isn't being very good, is she, Gram?"

When she said that, the mother of the other child heard Maya's comment and she stopped her cart right there, looked at Maya and responded, "You are so right! She most definitely isn't being a good girl."

At that, I just cracked up laughing and pointing to Maya, I replied "That truly is the pot calling the kettle black though!"

I suppose it could have been more embarrassing though to me and to another party. Suppose Maya had pointed to someone and had made a comment to the effect that someone maybe needed something like the best acne treatments or something else very personal, ya know!

And those of you reading this who have young children now or even if your kids are all grown, I'm quite sure can relate to episodes like this where kids really do say the darnedest things at times, don't they?


Linda said...

And this right here just goes to show why the segment "Kids Say the Darnedst Things" was so popular on the Art Linkletter Show all those years ago!

Kids - for the most part - calls 'em as they sees 'em - which can be both good and bad depending upon the situation and how embarrassing it may make the adult in tow!

TechnoBabe said...

Sometimes it is good for young ones to see kids close to their age acting up. Maybe it makes more of an impact on them because it is hard to see their own behavior. This was a bit funny though.

Anonymous said...

Jeni -

I've tried to link to your blog a number of times and always came up with "not found." It turns out the blog address associated with your comments is wrong ... it says (two dots instead of one). But I finally got here.

Bud aka Older Eyes

Jeni said...

Bud - I'm confused. Where (exactly) does my blog address show up with the two dots instead of one? I looked at the various headers on my blog's dashboard and didn't see anything there where it shows up with two dots but then too, maybe I wasn't looking in the right spot. When I came down here and clicked comments, I got the comment box and it seems to be working okay. Glad you got it figured out though.

terri said...

Well that turned out as well as can be expected! The mother could have taken offense to Maya's comments, and that would have been painful. So glad it turned out to be a moment of humor for both of you!

I've had a similar moment, but much more embarrassing. While swimming at a pool with my brother and his wife, Brad, then about 4 years old, asked his aunt, "Auntie Lisa? Are you going to go down the slide or are you too fat?"

Oh, I about died, but somehow, we moved past it and it's been all but forgotten by most of the parties present at the time.

Mary said...


I have missed reading about Maya and Kurtis and what is happening in your life.

Kids do say things that embarrass us at times, but I'm glad that the lady took it all in stride.

Enjoyed playing catch up. If you have time stop by my Writing Nook. I have a fun post for a change.