Friday, July 16, 2010

Big Event in the Area!

Today is the day that Mandy really looks forward to each and every year here.

It's the day that the annual 100-Mile Yard Sale begins!

She is, you see, an avid yard-saler person. Loves those things and I have to say that she has generally scored quite well with her purchases too particularly with respect to getting some really great buys and toys and clothing for the kids. I have found some great buys too from time to time at yard sales too including one a year or two back in which I found two snowsuits, in absolutely mint condition -not a mark on either one -in sizes that would fit Kurtis and got both sets -yes both! -for a grand total of $6.00! Quite a coup considering both were very good name brand snow suits too! And we all know how expensive buying any clothing for children is and especially nice appearing and warm winter snow suits and jackets and such.

Mandy had not actually figured she would be able to go yard-saling at this big event this year because of work and such but last night, realizing she doesn't have to be at work until 5 p.m. this afternoon, she decided she was going to treat her best friend by taking her along and going over the mountain area to visit some of the bigger yard sales that will be in progress there.

One thing I really wish she would be able to find and score that we really could use though is something that most likely WON'T show up at any yard sales just yet and that would be a nice deal on a tv set that is HDTV.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure this would just be a pipe dream for me to see her come home with something like that, ya know. Not that the set we have right now is having major issues or anything as so far, for a used set, it's working okay but still and all, I would really love to have a bigger and better set that gave a sharper picture for me to be able to see my favorite programs on then.

Really would be nice if such an item were to be found if it could also be one that has a really, really big screen too. Yeah, that would be the ticket for sure as far as I'm concerned.

Wouldn't have to worry then about not being able to see the screen as I really do need new glasses and that could eliminate a bit of MY problems there, wouldn't it?

Okay - going back to my own private little Idaho and my own little dream world now.

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Berni said...

I love a good yard sale or browse around a second hand store. I can never get hubby to go though.