Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Don't Remind Me -- In January!

Oh, Man! It is hot. HOT. HOT.. HOT! And yes, I know compared to folks in places like Phoenix, this is nothing on the temperature scale but I don't care. It's hot here!

I know too it's probably that the humidity is up a bit and that's why it's so darned uncomfortable. We've got, I think, every window in the house open, the ceiling fan in the living room is running, the ceiling fan in my bedroom is always on and yesterday, Mandy brought down a big fan, put it on the counter between the kitchen and dining room to try to get a little breeze circulating to cool things off and even all that doesn't really touch the heat.

Or so it seems, anyway.

Now the bugs are about to drive me bonkers!

Those darned little tiny gnats -almost too small to see -until you feel them when they land!

I was working on a pillowcase I started last night -yes, another embroidery project in the works -and had a cup of coffee on the table beside my chair. Sipping from it from time to time until suddenly I realized some of these darned bugs were using my coffee to either cool themselves off or perhaps, it's too warm for them too and maybe they were committing suicide cause the ones I saw were all dead!

Hope I didn't swallow too many of 'em before I noticed those little buggers in my good cup of java there!

But, don't wait till January or February to remind of how hot it was here today or how hot it's gonna stay too for at least the next three days. I'm not overly fond of the reverse type of weather with temps below zero either.

So, because I'm trying to think this through and be a bit logical about the discomfort from the heat -and the bugs too -and as much as I don't like it quite this hot, definitely not this humid and I do hate the damned little bugger bugs as well -I've decided though I think I'd rather put up with a couple of days of this heat that the bitter cold -and high heating bills -of winter!


Maggie May said...

A bit of extra protein in your coffee. Ha Ha!

I was Sooooo cold during our winter but I'm not much good in the heat either.

I think it would be good to be about 70F all the year round. Not asking too much, is it?
Fortunately it isn't overly hot here this year but things can change overnight in England. That is why we talk about the weather so readily. It is so varied.

Sounds unbearable where you are & those darned gnats do irritate. We don't get them so much in the city but they plague us when we go to Scotland, Ireland or any of the foresty places or moors in England.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

This heat is ridiculous! There has got to be a temperature in between blizzard and hell!

Sandee said...

And central California is having the most mild summer I can ever remember. Weird weather.

Have a terrific day and stay cool. :)

fermicat said...

I hear ya, and it is headed in my direction. I took a couple of extra vacation days after the holiday and was kind of bummed about going back to work tomorrow. Now I am thinking maybe my office in the basement of the clinic is a great place to spend a 99-degree day.

... Paige said...

I knew something had to be bugging you :-)

crazy heat and we here with the "feels like" 97 even with rain falling

and now the tar balls are rolling in because of the lovery tropical stoms that are boiling

ah well lets all try to think cool thoughts, sit in the shade in front of a fan and drink something tall and cold

haha - word verification is bollin

how funny is that :-)

Travis Cody said...

We're finally getting warm and sunny around here too. It's better than the rain, but I prefer temps in the 70's.

far520 said...

Jeni -

I've appreciated you comments and now that I've actually made it to your blog, I wanted to give you a little something at

Stop by, OK?

Bud aka Older Eyes