Monday, July 15, 2013

Useful Information -maybe?

One of my closest friends from way back when in my high school days and I communicate fairly regularly via Facebook. It's been pretty much a Godsend to us for well over a year now since I found the address for her and her husband when I was trying to locate all the kids from our high school class to contact them about our 50th Reunion we were planning last year.

We don't always write back and forth every day, but we communicate at least 2-3 times a week most of the time.

I know she has some major concerns right now as although she and her husband are technically retired and get social security along with medicare and such, he has also still kept on working full-time so he could that way also have affordable extra health insurance for them through his employment. (If people think Medicare will take care of you in your old age, think again! It's good, yes but it isn't the end all of insurance plans, that's for sure! So therefore, supplemental insurance does often become a necessity!

Anyway, since they live in North Carolina and I happened to come across some information today about and it looked to me like it might possibly be a good research point for her to check into, I'm going to send the url to her and she can see if she can get some good reliable information. They will really have to find some good insurance at a much more affordable price now because the place where her husband works is in the process now of having a major layoff and he is due to get a pink slip any time now, she tells me!

Hope this website does give her at least a little information to proceed forward with!

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