Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lazy Meals!

Since I am now the sole occupant of this house now, the thought of cooking a big meal, just for me, myself and I, is something I find very unappealing!

Much as I didn't like it at all on many days when my stomach and brain just couldn't seem to jive and come forth with any reasonable menu ideas to fix for the grandkids and their Mom and myself, it's even more difficult to figure out what to fix when you're the only one who's going to be eating whatever you come up with then!

And I'm not really all that big of a fan of eating leftovers day in and day out either!

Today was one of those days when my mind was very braindead pertaining to food! Cooking was the last thing -the very last thing I wanted to do today even though the temperatures were relatively decent -sunny, hot but not on overload in that department, plus there was a good breeze and the humidity was a lot lower too than it's been of late so I wasn't concerned about overheating the kitchen.

I just didn't want to be bother cooking anything!

So, I decided to run into Philipsburg and go grab a nice meal at the American Diner -where Mandy worked until June 30th and where my son's girlfriend still works there now as a cook!

And anytime I eat out like that, my inclination is to order something I won't be cooking at home -for whatever reason.

Tonight I indulged in a dinner of liver and grilled onions, mashed potatoes and gravy over the whole thing plus coleslaw and peaches with Iced tea for my chaser!

I never cook liver and onions at home =or I haven't for many years because I am really the only person in the family, most of the time, who will even eat that stuff!

It's actually a favorite dish of mine but still, I wouldn't want it once a week or even once a moth -maybe once or twice a year would be fine in my book.

But anyway, that's how I ended up with a carry-out container that holds the liver, gravy, onions and potatoes that we served in such abundance that I couldn't finish what was on my plate. And that rarely happens to me!

But now I have my meal for tomorrow all planned out and don't have to worry about stopping whatever I'm doing just to fix myself something to eat!

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