Sunday, July 21, 2013

No Revisitations, PLEASE!

The past week was one that was full -way too full as a matter of fact -and unfortunately, most of the stuff that it was full of was events I definitely didn't welcome here!

Two weeks ago tonight, I decided to take the plunge and re-enlist to once again become an Avon Rep! My first order was due to be sent in this past Thursday, which entailed getting re-acquainted with how to fill out the order since they now how their ordering process computerized and that was a trifle confusing. Plus the fact of other events that happened that just kept me in either a crying mode, a panic mode, or simply just confused pretty much the entire week!

Monday kicked things off as I got word that my cousin -who lives about 12 miles from me -had become a widow overnight. Her husband of 56 (almost 57 years) had died suddenly that morning.

Tuesday, I had a doctor's appointment with the oncologist at the Cancer Clinic -my six-month checkup -where I learned that because they observed some spots on my adrenal glands on the CT scan I had to have two weeks ago, I now have to have a PET scan -just to make sure there is no cancer flaring up somewhere within my body. Wonnerful, wonnerful -as Lawrence Welk would say!

Tuesday evening kicked off the longest and possibly the worst 26-hour period of my entire life!

Seems my older daughter was missing! Regardless of how safe most folks in this region tend to think we are here, there are still occasions when bad things -very bad things -do sometimes happen and due to a serious of events with her that were totally out of character for her, I told her fiance to call the police and tell them she is missing and that the family is concerned that she may be a danger to herself -that way they wouldn't wait the required 24 hours before they would start looking for her. I won't go into the details of her disappearance but had they waited 24 hours and had it still then taken them 26 hours to find her, the outcome very likely wouldn't have been a positive one then due to the heat and the extreme humidity here this week. I have never felt so helpless as it did during that time period ever before and definitely don't want to ever experience anything like that again!

She was located -finally -about 9:30 p.m. Wednesday nite, my younger daughter and I went to the emergency room at the hospital where she had been taken and spent about 2-3 hours there before we felt it was under control and we came home but te stress of that time span, and all, left both of us wired and just exhausted too so on Thursday, we both slept but we sort of slept in 2 hour shifts were she would nap, then me, then back and forth like that almost the whole day before we felt even semi-awake then.

Friday, there was the viewing for my cousin's husband and that was followed up by Mandy going back down to Middletown -where she now lives -and with her, the kids! I have been dreading the time when this would happen that the grandkids would be leaving me -all alone here -and Friday, the 19th was the day for that!

Saturday was another long day as well with the funeral and dinner and heat and more heat and humidity then too plus, my Avon order arrived. I still haven't gotten around to bagging up the orders I got on that campaign so best get busy tonight and get that done so I can start my delivery rounds at least by Tuesday of this week.

Oh and Friday, there was a letter in the mail for me from the Mortgage Company I've been dealing with and the letter in that  envelope has me really upset now so first thing in the morning I'm going to have to call the company and find out what is the meaning of the letter as it says they will be taking almost $8,000 our of the equity money I am supposed to receive and that won't then give me enough funds to take care of some of the necessary repairs on the house to get the mortgage funds released!

You know what they say don't you about "when it rains, it pours?" Well this was more like a week long hurricane had just entered my life!

I keep telling myself "This too shall pass." But I'm wondering just how long it is going to take before that adage comes to an end!

Hopefully, very, very soon!


Marguerite said...

Oh Jeni, what a stressful week you had! Hope that you have a much better week ahead. You are in my prayers.


terri said...

You are definitely due for a bit of good luck and positive change. You've dealt with more than your share lately.

I'm so glad to hear that your daughter is okay. I can't imagine the feelings of fear and panic you must have felt when you learned she was missing!