Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cool? Well, maybe.

It's been a wild and crazy week plus a few extra days too since I last posted anything and yes, I've been busy!

Since last Tuesday morning, it's just been me and the kids to manage -alone, sort of -here in the homestead. There've been a few kinks here and there. A few episodes of temper tantrums, even a couple of meltdowns from the one who does major obsessions about clothing and shoes and such. Can you guess which one that would have been?

But overall, things have been running fairly smoothly -for the most part.

They got to go up to see their Dad and go swimming at the pool where Daddy lives plus, to play on the trampoline there too. Good times especially considering that afternoon the area got hit with a wild and wooly electrical storm but then, it cleared off fairly quickly there and they were able to enjoy the afternoon and evening in the pool, playing and being with their Dad. Things with respect to that parent have drastically changed over the past 3 or so months now which is something I regard as being even way better than just being "cool."

One thing that really is nice to me and which I very much appreciated seeing -finally -is this!

Finally! My Mountain Laurel bush in front of the house began  to bloom and that's something I very much look forward to each and every spring and all through the month of June as I watch the buds forming and then, eventually, it bursts into these beautiful blossoms.

Now for me, that is something I definitely do regard as being some "Cool shit!"

Well, darn it but now, all of a sudden my luck seems to have changed and I'm listening to the beginnings of what probably is going to develop into a full fledged meltdown

Oh well, I should be accustomed to that by now and meltdown or not, it still doesn't take away from my taking liberties with how I described the blooming Mountain Laurel makes me feel, does it?

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