Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bugs and Bugs -and MORE BUGS!

Boy, I joke frequently about this house -more specifically, this family, being buggy -or, translated dysfunctional or just plain crazy much of the time.

Tonight though, I think I've figured out what it is that is driving me more than a bit buggy.

It's all these freaking little itty bitty gnats, no-see-ems, moths, millers, mosquitos, grasshoppers too and several other kinds of bugs that I have no clue what kind they are, other than that I consider each and every one of these things to be royal PITAs! (Translated -that's "pain in the arse!")

I was sitting at the dining room table trying to organize the Avon orders I have to send in tonight and every 10-15 seconds, I felt like I was under attack by these darned stinking bugs! Seemed like they were coming in and landing on the dining room table or on me in droves!

And I was trying to smash them as much as I could with the palm of my hand but some of them definitely are built well to stand off most anything that you want to use to try to smack them and kill 'em! No wonder they are so prolific! They withstand just about any kind of pressure or being hit with a fly swatter or taking a newspaper and smack down on it as it lays on top of a bug and you still can't stop them!

For me, it's especially annoying when one -or sometimes several -of these pesky things don't just land on the table but instead, they fly directly into my face -landing on my glasses, on my eyebrows and the worst is when they fly into my hair too as I can't stand the feeling of some bugs crawling around on my head, even if it is only for 15-20 seconds until I manage to brush them out of there with a big wave of my hand!

Finally, I got so fed up with these I went on a search and destroy mission and located some bug spray Mandy had bought and had it stashed away under the sink and I sprayed that stuff on those useless things in my windows -called screens -which these little sapsuckers manage to come right through the screens and into the house.

No I haven't yet eradicated all of these creatures but just spraying that stuff on the screens did apparently scare quite a few of the larger bugs -millers, moths, and the like -off the screens at least!

And closing the windows would have us suffocating in here then as it is hot, hot, hot and very humid so I guess I'll just have to continue in my self-declared war on insects here every chance I get!

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terri said...

Bugs are definitely one of the drawbacks to summer!