Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My Head Is Spinning!

So much going on around here today and tomorrow and the day after that too -all are going to be royal zoos in terms of making my head spin!

Tomorrow -or is that "today" now, perhaps -I have a doctors appointment at 2:30. Thankfully, Kurt's TSS will be here and will be able to go with me so that way, she can sit with the kids in the waiting room while I have my six-month checkup followed then by what is called a "port flush." For anyone not familiar with what a port is and what a port flush entails -a port is simply something placed under a patient's skin that the nurses or doctors can gain easier accessibility to the patient's circulatory system through this apparatus to administer IVs or other medications as needed without have to go through hunting for a "good" usable vein in one's arm or someplace else on your body. A "port flush" is merely having the nurse inject into the port a substance that then circulates through the port and cleans it out!

Anyway, the port flush is a walk in the park! I've had this port for almost 3 years now and never once have I had any of the nurses at the cancer clinic cause undue discomfort to me when they push that needle into the port to flush it! (And considering I may not be quite as bad today at this age in dealing with needles and injections and shots and blood work and such like I was oh, about 60 years ago when it would take 3 people to hold me down so my Mom could give me medications by injection, I'm still not exactly  a big fan of needle procedures. Just a trifle more mature about them now is all!)

Then, on Wednesday, our Women's Group at church is sponsoring a pot luck picnic dinner for the women of our church -just sort of a little party you could say -and we have invited to this event the women of a nearby church to join us in our little bit of revelry!  So, besides having to fix supper Tuesdy for the kids and myself, then on Wednesday, I'll be fixing a casserole of some type (I'm leaning towards making Chicken Divan ) along with making some kind of -hopefully -easy to create dessert to take to the picnic supper too! (For that, I'm kind of thinking of trying a new recipe I found for a crisp made with strawberries and rhubarb -both things I love, you see! The recipe I found looks easy enough to pass muster for me as it looks to be dirt simple and fast too -both items I require of any recipe! So, hopefully it will actually work out that way!

And, also -on Wednesday, the game plan this week became that Mandy is coming up that day and will then be taking the kids back to Middletown with her! Now that part of this week's activities has me a tad upset as initially she had told me that the kids could stay here with me until July 28th and now, she's taking them away a little over a week before I had figured on our parting!

But with the passing this morning of my  cousin's husband and the impending funeral, it may just change her plans a trifle.

Okay -I can dream that might be the way things will work out and I'll get my extra week with my special grandkids then, can't I?

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