Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Plans -More Than I Can Chew?

Right now, there are so many things going on in my head, some days, it's really hard to differentiate between what I want, what I need and what I really can do.

This is especially true about things around the house -changes that I'd like to make, that I have to make or should make.

Right now, I need to find a licensed and insured contractor to give me an estimate on costs to have the back of the house siding completed. This job has been waiting since 1991 to be completed but now, with this mortgage hanging in the balance, I have to figure out what it will cost and get the estimate submitted and also then, figure out who I can get to do the work for the estimated price  or under. Well, I don't have to tell you, I'm sure, that I'd really love to find someone who would do the work for a little lower amount that the estimate and help me save a couple of buckaroonies that way.

Used to be that if you needed work like that done there were guys all over the area who would take on the job as  a second job for extra money under the table and help folks save or there were enough guys unemployed who were willing and able to do good carpentry work or odd jobs.

They don't seem to exist these days.

I'd like to get the front entrance to the house redone as it needs something done to give the porch roof a little more pitch to it so it would drain better in the winter -ice and snow and stuff like that. I'd also love to get the whole house re-roofed too but boy, that's a big expense to get that done.

Because I have to walk the mutt at least twice a day and often his second walk of the day is after dark or nearly dark, I would REALLY like to get some kind of light fixture that would be out along the parking area and the steps. I saw one by Louis Poulsen light fixtures that look ideal for what I wanted but unfortunately the price -almost $2,000 would rule that baby out on my budget! Finding something that would give me a bit more full lighting at night and shine a good way down the road in the process is what I want but now, I'm wondering if Walmart has anything along those lines that would be a tad more affordable.

Okay -so not just a tad more affordable but for next to nothing, ya know. Doubt that I could fin d what I want and like there either then!

Oh well, I've made do without a whole lot of these things till now and can do it again if need be.

It's sorting out the things I HAVE to get done as soon as possible too that's creates a little bit of panic within me!


Sandi McBride said...

we have what the power company calls a "security light" for which we pay 15 dollars a month, it lights up the whole side of the house at night beautifully...maybe your power company offers the same
good luck with all your repair work

Maggie May said...

I waste electricity on an outside light, which is on during the early hours of the night. I have it on a time switch that I can alter. It is very dark without it at the back of our house and I think it helps to keep people from choosing MY house to break into.
So it is worth its weight in gold.
Maggie x

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