Sunday, July 14, 2013

Big Mouth Kids!

Yesterday, while I was working -helping to serve and sell hot dogs, cookies or brownies, soda or coffee -at the sale our Women's Group at church has been sponsoring for several years now, as I mentioned in my previous post, I had to take the kids out there with me. I knew this might possibly backfire on me, big time, and they might turn into a couple of wild little heathens on me, racing and chasing around, fighting with each other and a myriad of other annoying things could have gone one and driven me more than a bit batty. But lucky for me -and for the kids and their backsides too- they were both very well behaved.

I forgot that my little camera has a video thing on it so what few pictures I took yesterday were just still shots. But if I'd remembered to click it on to video, I could instead be posting a little video of the kids doing their level best to call out to passing motorists to stop and have a hot dog or soda.
Here's Maya -in the top picture, she was either just finished with doing one of her own special cartwheels on the front lawn of the church or maybe getting ready to do that. In the bottom photo, she was calling out her "announcement" to the passersby to try to entice them in to get something to eat or drink.

The other ladies and I did get a big kick out of watching her and Kurtis as both of them really threw themselves into the advertising end there!

But then too, can't have them get too successful with that kind of stuff or we'd be having to pay them union scale next then I suppose!

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