Monday, July 22, 2013

Always Something...

Boy, why is it when you think you've finally got a hold on something that will make your life even just a teensy bit easier, there's always something that comes along and tosses a monkey wrench into the mix!

Never seems to fail to happen that way and it makes keeping a positive attitude just a trifle more difficult then in the process.

Here I am now, in the middle of the process of securing a reverse mortgage to give myself a little bit of leeway with my finances. Things seemed to be progressing quite smoothly until this past Friday when I received an e-mail with an attachment from a lady with the firm handling the mortgage processing.

Now I am totally confused as the e-mail stated that after they pay off some kind of outstanding balance I supposedly owe, I won't have enough money left over to pay for the repairs needed to be done in order to get the mortgage in the first place.


So I'm thinking what the heck is a person to do anyway. Then the idea that maybe something like non profit attorney nc could come to my aid because heaven knows, my life has always been operating along the "non-profit" lines.

Then I realized they meant something totally different in that respect so now, here I am again, back to the drawing board, waiting for a phone call and a major explanation too of what this supposed huge debt that supposedly I have is all about. Heck -the paper they sent me about these monies I supposedly owe isn't even in my name!

Go figure that one out!


bill lisleman said...

I have only heard of reverse mortgages which I understand is basically a slow way of selling your home while you live in it. But I don't really know much about them. You said your name was not listed on some paperwork. I wonder if there is a lien on your house that you don't know about? Seeking legal help is certainly necessary for these complex transactions. all the best

terri said...

It shouldn't be so difficult and somebody handling the paperwork should be able to explain what's going on to you. Hope it all works out for the best.