Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mortgages and such!

Well, I finally got the good word late last week that the reverse mortgage I applied for has been approved.

Well, sort of, anyway!

A couple things have changed since I originally applied for this procedure. One is that the amount I was hoping the house would be appraised for came in almost $4,000 below the figure I'd been praying for. Okay -I can deal with that change -grudgingly, yes -but I can deal with it and accept it.

Then, the fees attached to the mortgage rose by $2,000 and that I really didn't like to have that happen!

And also, before the funds are released to me, I have to find a licensed and insured contractor to give me an estimate for some siding work they want done to the rear of the house!

Finally, one other "little" thing. I have to write a note to the mortgage company or some such to explain why there are two different social security numbers showing up in my name!

Now the latter thing is something that I had no clue whatsoever that there were two social security numbers listed in my name and considering I have never co-signed any loans for anyone or anything like that -plus this second number isn't even close to the numbers in my social security number, so how the heck this happen is totally beyond me!

Now, I look around this house and sheesh, I'm seeing so many other things I would like to get fixed or changed ot redone or something and that gets me to thinking maybe I should contact some real estate agent or some such -and consider just selling the place and moving elsewhere.

Seeing as I have no idea as to where I would want to go live -if not here -I may as well just start with someplace like say -oh maybe some real estate in Louisville ky for openers! And from there, I could just travel west, maybe even south a bit, checking out cities and towns in a state-by-state search for a place big enough yet not huge that would satisfy my needs.

Only trouble for me with that idea is the truth of the matter really is that I just don't want to leave this little village! I want to be like my late aunt -my Dad's baby sister -who died 5 years ago at the age of 91, and she had always said the only way anyone would ever get her out of the family homestead would be to carry her out, and she would go kicking and screaming all the way!

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Sandi McBride said...

Come on to Jefferson SC where the living is easy and it doesn't cost the earth to feed your family and find a roof over your head!!!