Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Turning Green?

Boy, what a great day today is turning out to be!

Although, when I first awoke this morning, it was a bit of a different story. I was a tad on the dizzy side, had a bit of a headache too. Of course, I always have some issues and difficulty sleeping. Thankfully though, there was no nausea involved or I'd have been thinking I was suffering from oxyelite pro side effects.

No, just the normal issues that tend to bug me when I first get up -until I take my blood pressure meds, then the metformin too that helps control my blood sugar issues. So nothing drastically awry with respect to how I'm feeling today.

Actually by noon, I was so impressed with the sunshine and nice temperatures that Sammy and I went for a long walk down to Peale and back -a distance of about 3 miles, give or take a yard or two -for the round-trip walk. And it was so nice, so pleasant, a beautiful spring breeze wafting through the woods there bringing with it the very smell of springtime being in the air.

I didn't have a chance yesterday -due to other issues -to walk Sammy and get my sort of daily constitutional exercise in then but the last time I walked down to Peale, I hadn't noticed any buds on anything along the way.

Today, it was the beginning of a whole new ball game. Here's some pictures -nothing fancy or outstanding -that I took along our little walk.
This was one of the first things I saw that really surprised me. Check out all those pretty green leaves or buds or whatever they are on that big tree between my neighbors' property and their daughter's home! The last time I walked Sammy I hadn't noticed any greenery at all on that tree and I go past their home every time we walk so that had to have popped out just in the past two days or so!

This small tree/bush is just at the edge of where the woods as you are going to Peale begins -just beyond my neighbor, Bill's little trailer. I have no idea what kind of tree/bush this is but look at the lovely little blossoms starting to show on it! Yep, I do believe spring is now officially here.

This view is one I never tire of seeing -be it spring, summer, fall or even in the winter -as it overlooks the valley where Peale, the village, actually used to be and you can see the mountainside across the valley, so beautiful and so imposing too.
This piece of ground is directly across the road from the above picture looking across the mountainside. And my thoughts about this particular piece of land is that it would make for a beautiful place to build a nice home -maybe a nice log cabin type place or well, just about any design, but one with lots of windows that you could look outside and see the mountains virtually on all sides from this particular spot. And feel the breeze so very evident as it comes whistling through all the various trees down in that particular end of my little world.

Yeah, I know -I do tend at times to live in a bit of a dream world, don't I? But still, if'n the funds were available, if'n there were a water and sewage line extending that far down into the woods too, and of course, cable for my tv, the computer and my telephone to work, I'd love to have a place truly out in the wilderness like that area would be!

Wouldn't you?

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