Monday, April 04, 2011

Ring-a-Ding and Bling a-Bling!

For quite some time now, the first thing -or almost the first thing -Maya does when she comes home from school is to go change her clothes.

And almost always, the apparel changing results in her wearing either one of her cheerleading outfits or one of her princess costumes!

Saturday night, when my older daughter and her family were here and we gathered to celebrate Aunt Carrie's birthday, Maya was wearing her "pretty in pink" Cinderella or Snow White -not sure which character -dress and insisted on practicing her ballet moves in it for all to see.

Thankfully, thus far, she isn't addicted to adding bling to these get-ups -no jewelry, as yet. But as she gets older, I'm sure that will come though -just like it did to her Aunt Carrie, who loves, loves, love jewelry and probably would like nothing better than to get her hands on some St. Maarten jewelry some how, some way!

I'm quite sure Aunt Carrie would love to manage to get a trip into the Virgin Islands first though so she could have a crack at the other things all available there too.

Wouldn't you?

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