Saturday, April 02, 2011

Prepare for Next Year -NOW!

Hmmmm. A thought just hit me about something I could do to my daughter to get even with her for that stunt she pulled on me for a good April Fool's Day joke yesterday.

Ya know -don't know if I've mentioned this before or not -but I don't believe in getting even with people. If someone does something nasty to me, some hurtful thing, I don't believe in revenge for things like that.

But, anyone who knows me really well also knows that theory of not getting even flies out the window in the instance if someone pulls a practical joke of some sort on me. Just ask any of the old truck drivers I used to know way back when I waitressed at the truckstop down the road aways from here! Especially the ones who drove for either Roadway or Consolidated Freightways. If ever any of them caught me in a practical joke, they pretty much knew that I would go to all lengths then to get even with them.

But that was all for fun, not really pure revenge too and boy, there often were a lot of laughs too that came out of some of those events.

But, I just happened to think about something Carrie (my daughter) and her fiance have -a hot tub -but there are problems with it, with the cover and they really need a new spa cover for the thing but I know too, like so many things all of us have, all too often having the extra money to get somethings replaced just doesn't happen all that easily.

But I wonder if I said something to Carrie when she comes up here tomorrow for her birthday supper about promising to fund the purchase of a new cover for their hot tub, if she'll believe me or will she realize right off the top that I'm pulling her leg if she stops to think enough about how much one of those things would cost?

But, you know, if might just be worth it to give it a shot and see if I can tell her a story like that and lie well enough for her to believe me.

Back in the good old days when I stayed in pretty good form with the practical jokes and little white lies to the drivers, I know I could have pulled something like that off with her then.

Time to practice I guess, isn't it? Don't want to lose my edge in pranking my kids or they'll be setting me up for one practical joke after another then!


... Paige said...

huh, there is nothing practical about me Pranking is just pain funny

happy day after

Jenn said...

you did of course see the prank I pulled on Amanda? You might say you meanie to do that to a kid with Asperger syndrome but you know what? I enjoyed every second of plotting it and so did Eric. LOL. I had it all planned as to where everyone was getting traded to but when she started to cry, LOL, I had to rethink FAST.

I <3 April Fools