Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pick a Pretty Posie!

Surprisingly enough, as I look over the so-called flower beds in front of the house, I see there are a couple of success stories on going there.

One is this -excuse the crappy picture please, as Sammy probably moved as I snapped it thus causing it to be a bit blurry -but the focal point of this picture is that I see two of the peony plants my neighbor down the street gave me last fall to transplant have taken hold and are now growing.
This one is on the right front flowerbed -as you look at the house. The tulip plant beside it has done nothing thus far this year.
Meanwhile, on the other side of the front flowerbeds, there's two tulips blooming around the other peony plant which appears to be coming up very nicely. The poor little hyacinth plant though -that pretty pink thing shown -is now looking really beaten down and very bedraggled thanks to the strong electrical storms we had here two nights in a row this week.

Getting those peony plants transplanted and seeing that they have taken root really makes me very happy. The neighbor who gave them to me thinned them from the bushes in the flower beds in front of her house remembered that those plants had been there when she and her husband purchased the house and that the house had belonged to my Grandfather's older brother. So she had called me and asked if I'd be interested in some of those peony plants since more than likely they had originally been planted by my Great-uncle Erik. I have so many memories of being around him and his family, of playing in that big old house and around the yard and barn at his homestead too with cousins when we were growing up, and being the sentimental slob that I tend to be much of the time, I was really happy that she thought of me and offered those plants to me then. It will really mean a lot to see them blossoming in the near future as it will provide a very tangible memory for me of Uncle Erik, his children and grandchildren and good times from many years long passed.

I didn't take any pictures as yet of my azalea bush out front, which usually blooms quite nicely, but I saw yesterday that my neighbor has one that they just transplanted and it blooming away. Just gorgeous! It's kind of tempting to keep from sneaking over there and snatching some of those pretty flowers to make up a bouquet, ya know. Sure would make nice flower gifts that could be really easy on the budget, huh? Of course, I doubt very seriously if my neighbor would be too happy with a plan like that.

Mandy got a couple packets of seeds -pansies and one with assorted flowers. The pansies need to be started inside first so guess we'd best get one or two of those little plastic starter holder things to try to get some of those flowers going. Trying to grow flowers is quite the experiment for me since I tend to have a black thumb, not a green one.

But who knows, maybe this will be the year my thumb starts to get a tiny twinge of green in it!

Miracles -or should I say "Miracle-Gro" could happen!

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