Saturday, April 02, 2011

Guess Who Got Fooled?

So, the big jokester's day has come and gone for another year and the pranksters were alive and well in this house, in my family!

When Mandy was getting Maya ready for school yesterday morning, Maya said to her, "Mommy, your car's moving." Mandy stopped, ready to look and Maya laughed, saying "April Fool's!" Now that was a surprise Mandy sure wasn't expecting!

But the big shocker came to me, later in the day when my older daughter called me. We had been talking for a minute or two -not much over that -when Carrie said she had some news for me but she wasn't sure how I would take it. Said it was good news, mostly, but a bit scary too.

Okay -tell me your good but maybe scary news, I said and she went on to say that she is pregnant!

Well, I went pretty much -or pretty close -to ballistic -screaming and saying things like "Awesome!" or "That's fantastic!" Things along those lines anyway until I heard my daughter start to laugh and not just a little snicker but a really loud laugh as she hollered into the phone, "April Fool, Mom!"

Actually, I think the realization that I had just been pranked came to me about a half a second before she said April Fool. About when I realized she was howling in laughter!

Let me tell you, the air in the kitchen was turning really blue after that as I cussed her out, up one side and down the other for pulling such a rotten stunt on me!

And the more I ranted, bitched and cussed her out, you know, she just laughed all that much louder and longer.

When we both calmed down, I told her she should call her sister, Mandy, and pull the same trick on her too. However, we decided that if she were to do that without me being able to see Mandy's reaction would mean I'd be missing out on half the fun then.

Just a darned shame that we don't have any kind of video conferencing software on our computers cause that would have been a scene, if Carrie would have called Mandy and pulled that off on her that I would have loved to have seen and heard.

Actually, I'm really relieved when I think about that a bit more though that we don't have that kind of equipment on our computers because otherwise, I can see it now that Carrie would have a video posted by now on YouTube of me doing the happy dance first, then the cursing and would be hoping to see said video go viral then too.

Not too sure I'd really want other folks to see me acting the fool like that.

But you can bet your bottom dollar my daughter is still gonna tell everyone she knows how she got Mom good on April Fool's Day this year!

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terri said...

Oooh.... sounds like she got you good. You'll really have to work on getting her next year!