Monday, April 25, 2011

Great Unveiling...

Today has marked a first for me -this year anyway.

It's the first day this year that I have donned a pair of shorts and a tee shirt as my wardrobe choices du jour!

And the great unveiling is, as my daughter said, of the really, really, really, almost death white, legs.

Doubtful though that by fall they will have acquired all that much more color as I'm not one who tries to get a suntan these days. Besides which, if the rest of our spring and summer runs the way things have gone to get to a day that is sunny, bright, breezy and warm all at once, then it's highly doubtful there will be all that many days in which to try to get a little color to the limbs.

But that's about the last thing I'm gonna worry about. Let the white legs hang out and just enjoy the warmth and sunshine that's coming our way.

Even if it is just for today!


Jocelyn said...

On the positive side: in the case of a power outage, you'll still be able to read at night.

By the light of your legs.

Travis Cody said...

We had some shorts weather this weekend too. It didn't last very long, but it was here.

Maggie May said...

Those first few days of whiteness are always startling, I think.
They will tone down.
Maggie X

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