Saturday, April 30, 2011

Color Your World...

Mealtime here can be a variety of things -from struggles with either or both kids to get them to eat things they normally profess to like to episodes that are calm, peaceful and fulfilling with respect to the body's needs of food intake.

And, on many occasions, it can also provide some great conversations too. Some of them also can cause the adults around the table to just crack up laughing.

The latter is pretty much what happened at supper here the other evening.

I don't remember now what the menu du jour may have been so I have no clue if there was something about the food that perhaps triggered Maya's question for me but I think it was one of those things that just came to her out of the blue.

Maya: "Did they have color a long time ago?"

Me: "What do you mean, did they have color? What are you referring to?"

Maya: "Well, were there colors then or was everything just sort of brown? Back in the early 80s?"

I don't know if she had perhaps been snooping in some old boxes or something and came across a bunch of old, old photos of our ancestors or if there'd been a TV show on that was filmed in a way that makes everything a brownish shade or what but needless to say, her questions sure did make Mandy and I both crack up laughing. Especially her reference to the "early 80s."

I told her that color has always been present but often, back when I was a child, people only used black and white film in their cameras.

I still don't know if that was what she was wondering about or not but my answer seemed to satisfy her needs, at least for the time being.

Color my world pretty shades of bright greens and yellows today as the sun is shining brightly, causing everything to look really pretty and just plain alive!

A pleasant switch from so many days that have been on the gray side, often with cold temps and lots of rain to go with that coloring.

Whatever color your day is, just remember if you're still above ground, it's still a darned good day!

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terri said...

What a cute thing to say, and really a smart observation when you think about it. That kiddo is paying attention to everything she sees!