Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Side Business?

Back in the day -well not the far, far distant days of my youth, that would be the dark ages -but back in the days when I used to be employed at a nice firm over in State College that specializes in forecasting the weather, I also used to do something else when I worked there but that was not part of my employment, per se.

I used to bake a lot!

Cookies of all kinds, cakes, even used to often bring in bunches of leftovers too from meals I'd fixed at home and shared those things with my good friend and supervisor, Scottie. Yeah, those were the days, for sure!

I really enjoyed doing that extra baking too simply because of the great response my co-workers would provide when they'd see me coming through the doors with a Tupperware container of some sort, holding lots and lots of cookies and/or other goodies and then, the vultures (aka co-workers) would seem to come out of the woodwork and swoop down on the package I would have by then deposited on a table in the break room for any and all of them to have something to nibble on then while doing their work.

Some of them, now and again, would refer to me as mrs fields although I don't think the things I brought in could possibly hold a candle to this stuff. But it was nice to hear the people I worked with pass along a bit of a compliment and thank you to me in that way.

Sometimes, I have thought about trying to do baking at home and seeing if I could have just a tiny market for some of the things I like to make. But then I think of all the legal mumble-jumble and rigamaroo one would have to go through in order to be allowed to turn your own kitchen into a work place and I think, Nah, not worth that much of a hassle.

I'll stick to baking a few things now and again now just for family, friends and neighbors once in a while or to take to events at our church -pot luck dinners or our Fall Bazaar sponsored by the Women's Group at church.

Doing that gives me just as much pleasure ultimately as I used to get from feeding the flock at the old work place!


Mahala said...

People sell baked goods on Etsy. You might want to look into it :)

Lori said...

I have a feeling your baked goods are even better then Mrs. Fields...I have had people trying to convince me to start selling my homemade breads and other baked goods...may consider that if I get my pain under mom sells pies and a few other baked goods at a couple of farmers markets in the summer and fall and she does really well with they have any flee markets or farmers markets in your area? If so, maybe you could give that a try...I bet you would do well.

Thank you for stopping by my place today and leaving such sweet kind words. I hope you and yours are well and that life is treating you good. Love and hugs. XX