Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ideas Galore. Money, Not So Much!

Sometimes I think the Home and Garden Television channel should be removed from our cable company's channel listing!


Simply because that channel is Mandy's favorite to watch and there are times when the inspirations she gets from watching the programs there would be better served if she had a big, big income. Come to think of it, from seeing some of the stuff on that channel once in a while, I've come to the conclusion that those who can take advantage of most of their offerings have to have income in the six figure brackets.

Her latest dream now -or a continuation dream or whatever it is -involves a total re-do of our kitchen. Yeah, like that's gonna happen. Definitely not in my lifetime.

She informed me she wants a kitchen with an island that also has a warming drawer -whatever the hell that is -plus stainless steel fixtures with undermount sinks and a granite countertop with solid cherry cabinetry. And that's just for openers!

Oh well, At least it costs nothing to dream, does it?

And I have to confess that I wouldn't mind doing a little dreaming about a whole lot of things around this old house that would be nice to see changed too.

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hann said...

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