Thursday, April 07, 2011

Nothin' Much...

Where does my time go anyway?

I don't really ever get much accomplished but yet, I am busy trying to find time to do various things. Somehow, that just makes no sense, no sense at all, does it?

About the only things I DO get accomplished are some embroidery projects and then, I often fall asleep in my chair while working on them.

This week, I don't remember what the heck I did on Sunday or Monday -other than that I did get a tabletopper completed and then, started working on a set of pillow cases for Kurtis. I finished one pillow case now today so that project is half-way completed now. It's a cute set with a "choo-choo train" across the pillow case in bright, cheery colors. I showed the finished case to Kurtis and asked him if he knew what it was and he right away pipes up with "It's a train, Gram!" As long as he sees what's on there in the multi-colored threads, that's all that matters to me.

Tuesday night, I didn't cook supper as I had to be out at church for our monthly meeting of the Women's group (WELCA) there. It was my turn to do the refreshments this month and I had debated almost the entire month on what I was going to make. I ended up making two pizzas -a veggie pizza and a fruit pizza! Both went over quite well although I was highly ticked off at the crust for the fruit pizza. The recipe said to use one of those tubes of refrigerated sugar cookie dough -which I had Mandy pick up one for me (along with a bunch of fresh fruits -way too many of them, really) and the darned crust was all gooey causing me to have a devil of a hard time to press it into place on my cookie sheet. Then, to add insult to injury, after loading the crust down with the cream topping and fruits and chilling it a bit, when I went to cut it into squares to put into my cake taker, the damned crust had the audacity to stick (like it was glued down) to my good teflon cookie sheet pan! This after the recipe specifically stated NOT to grease the pan too! ARRGH! I hate when things go amuk like that for me and especially when I have invested a lot of time and some extra funds too, in order to make something that is for a somewhat special occasion.

Tuesday afternoon, as I was in the midst of making these pizzas, Mandy asked me about what appointments I have this week and I said I have one this coming Friday with the oncologist for a check-up. I commented to her that I had it marked on the calendar too but she said there was nothing there except that I did have it penned in that I was to have an appointment that morning with the oncologist. "That Morning" being the morning on Tuesday and when she said that, it was already afternoon and almost time for the oncologist's office to close for the day when I called to find out what the heck kind of screw-up I had done on the calendar.

Turned out that yes, I was supposed to have had an appointment that morning but apparently when I wrote the date and time on the calendar correctly, I had somehow, incorrectly, written in my mental calendar that the appointment was to be for this coming Friday a.m. However, it was a good thing overall though because I was also supposed to have some blood work done prior to the appointment so they had me come in Wednesday a.m. then to have the blood work done and that worked out quite well since I also had an order from my primary care dr. as well as the ear-nose-throat guy I see to have extra blood work done for them too! So I ended up then killing three birds with one stone.

Today, as I mentioned above, I finished half of a set of pillow cases I'm doing for Kurtis and cooked supper -had Clayton and his girlfriend, Elizabeth and her little boy, Ryan, down for supper so we had a fun time with them here then.

Because I am sworn to secrecy here, I won't name names but I had some really unsettling and from my point of view, sad news today from one of my favorite people in the blogging world. I was informed this person is going to leave blogging -maybe not forever but for a while at any rate and I really do enjoy reading the posts this person puts out for all to read. Truly a zany, downright crazy at times and now and again, very sentimental writer this person is and I'm hoping this is just a temporary break in the blogging action!

I am back to walking the dog again -not always every day and not as far as I would walk with him last spring and summer -not yet, anyway -but most days now I am getting out and taking him for roughly a mile's worth of walk time -round trip.

Yesterday was the birthday of my oldest baby! Mandy asked me today if I blogged about that and I said no, I hadn't. Her response to that was just to say "Hmmmm. You sure you didn't make a mistake there about not doing that?"

Well, maybe that's true that I did make a mistake in not announcing to one and all in the blog world that yesterday, April 6th, was the 44th anniversary of the day when my first child came into this world! But, I really hadn't given it all that much thought yesterday except to say on my Facebook that yesterday was a date that I will always be able to remember exactly where I was and what I was doing too for the entire day!

Truthfully, I don't remember all that many details about that day because from about 4 p.m. until around 9:30 p.m. -when she was born -they had me fairly well drugged up so I have not much to say then about that which apparently took place.

Except that I do remember after she was born, the doctor was running all over the delivery room, carrying her from one nurse to another and making a huge fuss over her, telling me -and the nurses -that everyone just HAD to look at her and see what a beautiful little baby girl she was! He brought her over to me and got me to try to open my eyes to see her for the first time and all I could see, as I remember that part, is that her eyes were just these little slits and to my eyes, in my semi-drug induced state, it looked like her eyes were slanted a good bit too. And that caused me to worry then all night that there was something majorly wrong with her so when they brought her into me the next morning, the first thing I looked at was her eyes! And, after realizing then that they were open, quite wide, and not the least bit slanted either, then I relaxed and went on to count fingers and toes.

Today, she's still beautiful -just a slightly larger youngish woman now! She's a hard-worker -putting in hours and hours at her job when they need someone to fill in for other nurse's aides and she's generous to a fault where her sister, brother, nieces and nephews are concerned too -and also for dear old Mom too, although she dearly loves to give me a royal hard time whenever she can do that!

We pick on her a lot too about her issues with timeliness -punctuality, ya know. Not one of her strong points although she has been getting a bit better at managing that. Used to be whenever we were having a family dinner or get-together, we would have a pool -a quarter per guess -where everyone in the pool would pick a time when they thought she would arrive here and whoever guessed the closest to her actual time of arrival then won the pot. Because boy, back when we used to do that, guessing what time she would get here really was a big crap shoot!

But anyway, I'm still today very glad that she arrived when she did and became a very important part of my life that day and every day since then!

And now, I think I'm gonna try to turn into bed just a trifle earlier than my usual 2-3 a.m. or even later hour than that all too often. Since I have to be at the doctor's office by 10 a.m., it would be nice if I am wide awake for the drive over there and while I wait to get called back to see him. Would be a bit of a switch for him to enter the examining room and not find me sitting there with my head propped against the wall, trying to catch a couple extra winks of sleep, ya know!

I've been watching the TV show, "Hoarders" a lot lately -anyone else watch that program? And I'm wondering if maybe I could or should find someone who specializes in time management (as well as managing a few other aspects of house keeping or stuff like that -to bring myself in line so I can manage then to sleep in a timely fashion and get my butt organized so I can take care of my computer stuff -clearing my reader, sorting e-mail, answering e-mails and checking Facebook along with writing posts and doing some work on my old research projects while also getting a few little odd jobs in writing that I do from time to time, done in an easier, more organized fashion.

And, I am going to have to get this so-called "organization" done soon too because I am now in charge of getting things put together for our church women's group so we can produce a cookbook sometime over the coming months of favorite recipes from women of our church!

The President of our group got this stuff -information from a company that produces cookbooks of this type -and gave it all to me Tuesday night to get started on planning, gathering and producing this cookbook for our group. First thing I gotta do though is comb through the names of people from our parish for those who are talented in various aspects of the work involved in a project like this and as ChairPerson for this committee (currently a committee of one -ME) to talk to them and get them on board with me so that then, I can do the most important part of being Chairperson and that is to delegate, delegate and delegate some more! LOL

But considering how many cookbooks I currently have on my bookshelves here and how many websites I subscribe to that send me recipes daily or weekly and which by now should have resulted in my being a gourmet cook (but I am a far cry from that), I should find this new job to be one that will definitely hold my interest!

And then, once we get this masterpiece compiled and published, I can come here and advertise our new cookbook and all my blog readers can then have the honor of purchasing a fantastic cookbook from the chefs of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in little old Lanse, PA!

So make room on your bookshelves for this coming attraction. Okay?


HalfCrazy said...

The hours probably go by so fast without you getting things actually accomplished because you're having one heck of a wonderful time with the things going on with your life? I think it's great.

A lot of bloggs take breaks. Blogging needs maintenance, especially if you also want to target the audience. I am really serious at blogging and I work hard to get those comments. It's social networking and it's fun! Breaks are needed but then blogging maintenance is needed when I have to come back.

Maggie May said...

Missing appointments by accident is always horrifying, but glad this one worked out so well & that you got another appointment & all the blood work done. Hope it was all a success & good news.

I'm waiting for the results of my CT scan next week.Fingers crossed.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Anonymous said...

Happy belated Birthday to your beautiful daughter.. And don't worry so much about the other stuff.. We all have those days. :)
I hope you're feeling well. I'm happy you're back to walking the dog. Slowly but surely things will get back to normal or you'll just adjust to a new kind of normal. :)
Always in my prayers.

... Paige said...

girl I can't member what I did Monday either & so what So What I cry to the world

lol you can still be 49, really, that is at least till you oldest gets 49 then I'm afraid you have to move on to 55 and you can be 55 for several years.