Thursday, September 11, 2008

To Have or Have Not

So much talk ongoing now about the health care dilemma in this country all tangled up with the political campaigns and with no solutions in sight either for many throughout the US!

In my opinion, that is truly a royal crime!

Having spent a great deal of my work life in jobs that didn't offer any type of health insurance, I know, all too well, how frustrating that can be.

Initially, when I started receiving disability social security, because then enabled me to have medicare coverage, I thought it covered the bulk of my insurance needs but boy, what a mistaken idea that was too! Eventually, I did find insurance that is supplemental to the medicare but it was difficult to find anything affordable for me.

Now that one of my cousins is facing the same decisions and had asked me about my solution, I found out the plan I have is not available in his area of the country. But I did find this about group health insurance that he could look into and that is similar to mine but is also available where he lives.

Considering the success I have had with my policy, I'm going to send this information to him so he can check it out and see if it offers more than adequate extra coverage for his needs.

6 comments: said...

Health care is a hot topic. I am very thankful that Josh is in the military and that we don't have to worry.


Dianne said...

jeni I'm paying $800 a month and they don't want to cover some of the stuff my Dr. says I need for my leg/back problems.

I have begun the search for a new provider and I'm scared to death.

Shameful that this can and IS happending in the USA.

Smalltown RN said... know this topic is near and dear to my heart. Although our Canadian system is far from perfect, it's a lot better than the alternative a lot of American's are facing. I compare your situation as to what many seniors here face and which there is a public campaign to get changed. That is, once you retire if you don't have personal health coverage you pay out of pocket for your meds. We have a system here where the seniors can claim for their meds but they have to accumulate a certain amount out of pocket before they can's criminal if you ask me....hence is why we see many seniors in ER departments for hypertension or diabetic crisis because they either couldn't afford their meds, or they cut their dosages in half in order to make them last longer....very sad...but it's true ....and this shouldn't happen, you would maybe expect something like that in an impoverished country...but not in the US or Canada.....I still can't believe how many American's believe that publice health care would be deterimental to the country....sure there are those that will abuse the system...that goes on now in all walks for to say that is just a cop out...where is the social responsibility...a healthy country makes for a profitable country....

I hope your cousin finds a coverage that works for them and is affordable...

pat houseworth said...

An endless cycle....but unlike Canada, usually we can at least get an operation before we die. We don't need "socialized" Health Care, we need a solution to the high cost...i.e. legal fees and protection doctors and hospitals.

Best of luck to your cousin.

Mary said...


I agree with Smalltown RN. We do have health coverage here in Canada that is a lot better than what you have in the US. It is far from perfect and some people fall through the cracks, which they shouldn't, especially seniors.

The government is talking about going to a two-tiered health care system here and I pray that doesn't happen. Many would be without and people in my parent's generation fought long and hard for what we have.

I pray that whoever wins the Presidential Election in your country will see the need for good health care for everyone.


Linda said...

I'm not sure if I know anyone who is happy with their health care coverage these days as it has just gotten so incredibly restrictive.

Good luck to your cousin in finding a good plan!