Sunday, September 28, 2008

The "Playgirl" in the House

Things got off to a bit of a rocky start this morning -a cold, RAINY, rocky start! I woke up about 7 a.m. and felt like every joint, every muscle, ligament, tendon -whatever -from my waist down to my ankles - were all at war with the rest of my system. Talk about aching! Phew! Stiff and sore before I even began trying to move around, rain pelting down, sorry but no way was I going to add to my misery by going out in that stuff and sitting -or rather trying to sit -half way comfortably through a church service! A rainy day on a Sunday morning is not a good thing for me!

Usually, once I start to move around a bit, the joint aches and pains tend to settle down to a dull roar but today, that wasn't happening until I took two Aleve tablets which would not have been any help at all had I tried to go to church simply because they tend to put me to sleep when they go to work on the sore spots.

By about noon though, as the sun started to peek through a little bit as the rain made an exit, I started to feel a little better.

Maya had decided this morning that she was going to be a busy little beaver, playing with about as many toys as she could access that had multiple parts and pieces so by 1 p.m., the living room floor was looking a bit like a disaster zone. Although that is often a fairly normal state for our living room floor, it's in varying degrees of messiness and today -well it was really like WW3 had hit!

So Mandy asked Maya if she would please pick up her toys only to be told, "NO! I can't do that." Mandy asked her why not and she responded that "I am not a clean-up girl. I am a Play Girl!" I told her I didn't think the short skirt, bunny tail and ears would fit her just yet but fortunately, sometimes (most times, really) Grammy's humor still goes well over her head.

My son came down this afternoon for a couple hours. Long enough to haul his camera in from his truck and download a bunch of photos from it to my computer. Then, he asked me how he could access those pictures to put them up on his "My Space." Hmmm. Don't think that's possible Sonny Boy! Not until I either save them to a disc that you can take home with you OR -the bright idea of the day here -I e-mail them to you!

And so, it was decided that Mom would e-mail them because you see, although this computer is supposed to have a DVD player/burner mechanism in it, for some reason or other, if I insert a DVD (blank one) into the slot and try to "burn" anything from my computer to the disc, I get an error message that this function can not be performed because the disc is either full or is a "read only" capacity.

In theory, the e-mailing these pics wasn't that bad of an idea except that I did get a little carried away as I was doing that. Just banging them out, one e-mail after the other and around 2:30, the darned e-mail program started giving me error messages that it couldn't connect with my ISP server. What the heck was that all about I was wondering. For about an hour, I couldn't get anything to come in -or to exit -on my e-mail program. So, I called the tech service person about this and in explaining to him what happened, I mentioned to him about sending a whole raft of e-mails to my son -with these photos -one per e-mail -and that's when I learned that I had just managed to get my own e-mail account blocked by my provider as, you guessed it, a "SPAMMER!" Damn!

I know, I know, you saying to yourself, that you remember I did say the other day I was really worryied that I'm getting very senile but this, the e-mail stunt -well, that's just plain stupid. Yep! And you are so right about that!

So, the upshot of the Spam thing is that my e-mail won't be fixed until tomorrow morning sometime. That's enough punishment right there for me -starve me from connecting with my e-mail, as addicted as I am to that and you can bet your bottom dollar I won't pull a stupid trick like that one again!

But, while I think of it here -maybe one of you can explain this to me. When I bought this computer, I requested that it have a disc read/burn element on it and the guy at the shop had said I would be better served if I got it as a DVD Read/Write combo because, he had said, it would handle then either CDs or DVDs. And, on the front of my computer, where the thing is installed, it says right on it there "DVD RW" -and I am assuming that means it is a DVD with Read and Write (or burn) capacity, doesn't it?

If that's the case, why then before I put a DVD or CD in the slot, on my desktop, it shows up saying "DVD RW" too. Doesn't that indicate that it has capacity to handle DVDs? But as soon as I put a Maxell DVD-R disc in there, that changes and says "CD RW" and it won't allow me to burn over to that disc then. I did find a CD that my neighbor's son had burned some photos on to for me (copied from old floppies, ya know) and I took it and tried to burn some photos on to it and it worked fine and dandy. So, something is fishy here, wouldn't you say?

Finally, tonight I located two blank cds I happened to have in my storage cabinet by my desk so I'm gonna take one of them and copy the pictures my son put on my computer over there and hand him a CD tomorrow when he comes down to have coffee with me in the morning. He doesn't know it yet that he's gonna do that but I'll call him bright and early and inform him of this "social time" he can spend with his old Mom! The payoff for this will be that I give him the cd then. That's fair enough, don't you agree?

We had an overnight visitor here last night too which had some really positive outcome -unexpected positive outcome at that. Mandy was babysitting here last night for her sister-in-law's little girl - Carlea Sophia or "Bug" as she's quickly getting as a nickname. Originally, the plan was that when the baby (she's nine months old) went to sleep, that she would sleep upstairs, in the crib in Maya's room. But you know too that old saying about the best laid plans, etc. -well, she wouldn't go to sleep! For about two hours, she got shifted from Mandy to me to Bill to Kate -each of us trying our hand at rocking her, giving her a bottle, singing to her, playing with her -you name it, we tried it and all to no avail. Here's a picture of Carlea aka "Bug." Isn't she just the cutest little thing? (Hard to believe a sweet little one like that could make as much noise though as she did last night! LOL)

Kurtis fell asleep in his playpen which is where he normally sleeps because, you see, when Mandy tried to move him into the crib oh, about a year or so ago, he was terrified of it because of the rails on the crib. No rails ya know on the pac'n'play -just mesh! So as a result, he's been sleeping in the playpen then downstairs all along!

Well, when he fell asleep, Mandy decided to try putting him in the crib upstairs to see how he would react and lo and behold, although he woke up momentarily when she first put him in there, he quickly rolled over and went back to sleep. Only had a brief period around 4 or 5 a.m. this morning when he woke up for a little while but went back to sleep then fairly quickly.

As a result then, little "Bug" had the honors of sleeping in the Pac'n'Play last night and only had two short spells where she woke up but then fairly quickly, went back to sleep.

And tonight, Kurtis is now back upstairs again -in the crib -doing fine with it! With these kids, you can't always do things the way you normally would -so much as to be according to their own feelings and acceptance of new things and the crib -well that was apparently one of those things that he was now ready -finally -to accept!

Now my little "Play Girl" is sacked out in my bedroom and I think very shortly I'm gonna join her there!

Gotta get re-energized for the week ahead!


terri said...

That Maya! What will she come up with next? "Play Girl!" Hahaha!

I'll bet everyone's glad that Kurtis has accepted the crib and is ready to settle into a bedroom!

fermicat said...

You could send some of that rain my way! We haven't had any real rain since the remnants of Fay came through many weeks ago. *sigh*