Friday, September 12, 2008

Of Kids and Problems and more Problems!

Since Kurtis came home from the hospital Tuesday evening, things seemed to be going ok -initially -after the tonsillectomy. Granted, he was crabby, fussing, miserable, but heck, who wouldn't be after having someone slice up your throat and nasal passages, ya know. He was drinking though -not his normal intake, but at least drinking, trying to eat a few things too.

However, by Wednesday afternoon and through Thursday, that changed drastically and his fluid intake came to an abrupt halt! After early Thursday morning, he flat refused to drink anything AT ALL!

So, Mandy ended up having to take him back to the doctor yesterday and they immediately had him re-admitted to Dubois Hosptal to put him on an IV to at least keep him from dehydrating. And that's where things with him remain today now too. Mandy stayed with him since he was re-admitted and will be there at the hospital again tonight.

Meanwhile, I'm here, at the homestead, trying to keep Miss Maya from wigging out on me.

I was worried when she came home from school yesterday because Mandy wasn't here but the funny thing was she didn't really seem to notice her Mom's absence and paid no attention whatsoever to the fact Kurtis was missing. A little later in the afternoon, she finally did acknowledge Mandy wasn't here and I tried to explain a little bit to let her get used to the fact her Mom wouldn't be here last night either.

When her dad came home to get cleaned up and go to the hospital, we were worried she would wig out then, have a meltdown about being left behnd, so he told her he had to go "frog hunting" -one of the latest methods we use from time to time to kind of calm her down a tad. It's not the greatest method -granted -but with her, sometimes it's a "Whatever works" scenario that gets used. She doesn't like frogs so we know she would back off then if he mentioned frogs being involved with his departure.

She was pretty good most of the evening then -no problems getting a bath, etc., getting ready for bed and all that and no fussing either about going to my room, to lay down on my bed, watch cartoons -which usually put her out in a matter of 10-15 minutes time.

Things were quiet, seemed to be going quite well, till about 10 p.m. when I heard a faint noise from the kitchen -movement -ah, not a good sign! I looked out there and she had managed to sneak out of her room and was messing with stuff in the kitchen. When I told her to get out of there and back to bed and she told me "Don't come out here!" I knew immediately I had trouble on my hands. Make that trouble with a capital T too!

As I walked into the kitchen I suddenly felt my footing slipping, grabbed onto the counter and my hand slid -actually was gliding along there from a really oily substance! Yeah, she had ever so quietly managed to get her hot little hands on a bottle of salad oil, dumped some of it into a measuring cup and a goodly portion of it then on the counter and the floor -and to that oil, she had then added the contents of a bottle of ginger! Of all things! The mixture looked kind of like peanut butter except where she had porblems mixing it, underneath, it was very dry and the smell of ginger was quite potent!

Do you have any idea how difficult it can be to clean up oil from a vinyl tiled floor?

It took me close to an hour to get the floor remopped and sopped up until you could walk on it without risking life and limb in a fall because a foot might have just encountered a tiny bit of oil residue there!

Needless to say, it didn't leave me as the happiest campoer on the block!

Add to that, the fact that Wednesday night, while I was working on my newest embroidery project, my left eye started to bother me. On checking, It is very -make that extremely -bloodshot! Apparently from eyestrain I guess or something along those lines. I have some drops here, been using them to try to ease that issue up.

Then today, the corn on the cob we had for supper on Wednesday finally apparently started to actually make its way through my digestive tract. Lovely! I know, I know -doctors tell people who have diverticulitis issues to avoid certain foods -corn being one of them, and as a general rule, I do abide by that advice. But damn, I dearly do love corn on the cob! I mean, who the heck doesn't? Under normal circumstances -before the digestive system went "south" on me a few years back, when it was corn on the cob season, I indulged -a lot! This year, I couldn't resist having at least some of the good stuff but I did curb my intake at not quite one ear of the delicacy cause I really didn't want to push my luck that far. Apparently I pused the envelope just far enough though -reaped the benefit of appeasing my taste buds, got some of the consequences from it but nothing overly drastic -like a full blown attack of diverticulitis. Thank goodness for that small favor anyway!

With Maya out of the house then today for school, I was finally able to get caught up-to-date on my blog reading -for maybe a couple of hours, so now, all I have to do is figure out something easy to cook for supper -only feeding Maya and myself tonight so we'll have a really easy meal -her favorite -mac'n'cheese! I am after all, all about easy ya know!

And I'm going to see if I can maybe manage to work a little bit on my embroidery project too -not pushing my luck there with the eye issue, but do a little, rest, do a little more perhaps! We'll see!

And now, I'm off to test my limits with the eye till Maya gets home from school. Only a half hour there, but that should give me a little indication of whether or not I can handle doing this tonight or not.

Peace! And pray that Maya doesn't find anything else to dig or dip into!


The Diva's Thoughts said... Good luck.

I want some mac and cheese now that you mentioned it.

Tootiei said...

Ran across your blog from a comment you left on another one. You have some comical stories here. I enjoyed reading. :-)

Mary said...


What a time you had with that oil. If it happens again, add about a half bottle of vinegar to the water when cleaning up. It cuts the oil and though your kitchen will smell like French fries, your floor will sparkle.

Children on the autism spectrum see things differently than others do. Whatever works, use it. Frog hunting isn't a bad thing. LOL It's just Maya wouldn't want to do it, so that is a good way to prevent a meltdown. We have used similar things with Brandon. Now he is learning to accept life as it comes.

Now, I have a little something for you over at my Writing Nook. Please drop by when you have time.


Maggie May said...

oooh! All that oil! Poor you. Glad you didn't break your neck on it.
Poor Curtis too. Back in hospital. That is unusual following a tonsillectomy.
Blood shot eyes & too much embroidery AND Blogging!