Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Burning Sensations

Okay, let me preface this with a little head's up here -I never said I was a rocket scientist!

And judging by what happened to me last night -or rather about 3 a.m. this morning -it's more than evident that there are many times when I'm really not too bright.

The events of this little episode all started last Thursday when some guy from over the mountain - a farmer-type from Belleville -was peddling some of his farm produce up by the garage my son-in-law has in operation now. So, Bill came home with two homemade pies (one apple and one peach), some "whoopie pies" and five nice big green peppers, a great big, oddly shaped red pepper and five other peppers that are shaped like a jalepeno pepper except that they are larger -much -and a whole lot darker in color too.

Now I like spicy food -a lot -but the SIL and Miss Katie here -not so much on the fiery food stuffs! However, yesterday when I fixed us a really scintillating dinner (Hamburger helper -mainly cause the two little ones will scarf that up) I decided to take one of these "hot" peppers and chop a little of it up and added it to the hamburger helper mixture. Not a lot, mind you - just a teensy bit to see if it would add just a touch of pizzaz to the stuff. It did just that -not overpowering at all, but just a hint of extra flavor.

While the stuff was cooking though, I decided to take the other peppers and dice them all up, put them in a ziplock bag and toss that in the freezer to have on hand then to add to sauces and stuff from time to time.

However, apparently after doing that and between that time and when I went to bed -although I had washed my hands several times -I must not have used enough soap or something and must have left a trace of the pepper oils on my fingers -or perhaps a little under the nails -but anyway, I ended up in the bathroom a little after 3 a.m. in agony! And not from eating those peppers either!

Nope, not at all from ingesting them. But rather because when I went to bed, my left eye started to itch and when I reached up to scratch the eyelid a tad, I ended up with my eye burning -feeling like it was on fire, big time!

Into the bathroom I went, grabbed some eye wash there and tried to slosh that stuff away from the old eyeball as quickly as I could. I couldn't open that eye with out the pain just about knocking me to my knees and even if I tried to shut the eye, it still was burning like crazy.

I finally ended up sending another wash of the eye drops and fixing myself a hand made eye patch -with a piece of sterile gauze and several bandaids then to tape it in place over my eye to give it a chance to rest and recuperate!

Tonight, I'm cooking barbequed spare ribs in "ye olde crockpot" and when I put the sauce on the ribs, I added a tiny dabble of these diced peppers to the sauce and ribs.

And then, I did something else too! Not taking any chances tonight, I immediately scrubbed my hands with an extra, extra dose of dish detergent, rubbing it all around the fingers and nails, really, really hard!

If I suddenly go completely blind though, now you will know what caused it!


Kathryn said...

Oh no!!!! That could have been really serious. I hope you are doing better now. Yipes!!!

Thank you for the lovely comment on my post. :)

Linda said...

Good Lord, woman! You're lucky you didn't end up in the ER with them flushing that eye out!

I knew there was a reason I avoid hot peppers!

Travis said...

Oh man! That happened to me once. But I was cutting up the hot peppers and the juice spashed up into my face. Without even thinking I rubbed my eyes.

Agony is right!

I don't even like peppers!

... Paige said...

Silly, silly girl! You are supposed to wear rubber gloves when handling and cutting up peppers.
Thank goodness your eye was the only thing you scratched!

Anonymous said...

eye stuff always scares me... be well

gp in montana

Mary said...


That must have hurt. *ouch* but you are not the only one that has done it this week. Another blogger who shall remain nameless did the very same thing. Hope your eyes are better soon.


Dianne said...

Ouch Ouch Ouch

I think this is an excellent reason for you to not have to cook for at least a week. You should be waited on :)

Debo Blue said...

Been there. Done that. We're connoisseurs of all kinds of peppers so I know first hand the agony you were in. My fondest memory of peppers was sticking my fingers in my ear after cutting jalepenos. That's another post.

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

Whoa! That sounds painful.

Anonymous said...

I agree with one of the comments posted. You shouldn't have to cook for a week and you should be waited on Mom. :)

fermicat said...

My husband wears latex gloves when he chops hot peppers. Guys have some additional things to worry about with the hot stuff...

Vic Grace said...

I've done that it is not fun. I read that one should wash hands in cold water after handling peppers not hot, because hot water opens the pores and the pepper stuff goes into your skin. Probably gloves is the answer though.

terri said...

You poor thing! I KNOW how bad it is to touch your eye with the pepper oils still on your hands. My husband did it after chopping Habanero peppers. He won't make that mistake again.