Thursday, September 25, 2008

Be Very Afraid!

Tuesday morning started off seemingly okay. Maya woke up around 9 a.m. and I got up about 9:30 -nothing startling about that.

I got up, made my normal bathroom trip, then out to the kitchen. Monkeyed around a bit there and then, poured myself my "wake-up" cup of coffee and headed into the living room to sit, drink, relax, wake-up a bit more and do it rather gradually.

As I went to set my coffee cup on the end table, I saw the coffee cup I'd been using last night sitting there and to my surprise, it was full. Gee, I thought, I could have sworn I had downed all the coffee in that cup last night, but maybe not. So I reached down to pick it up, take it to the kitchen but to my surprise, the full cup sitting there was hot -like it had just been poured.

Hmmmn. What the heck gives with this? There I was standing with a fresh cup of coffee in one hand and on the table before me, a second cup of hot coffee and I had -still don't for that matter - no recollection whatsoever of pouring coffee into both those cups this morning!

Needless to say, this event kind of shook both Mandy and me to the core. Is this one of those darned warning signs of impending doom and gloom with the memory losss -short term, that is -stuff that I tend to wise crack about actually taking place, now, right before our eyes?

Gosh, I hope not! I have to confess that the idea of not having all my mental faculties -as sketchy as they are more often than not some days -not all with me is something that truly does scare the living daylights out of me.

Almost as much as if someone brought a snake into the house to live here as a family pet and as I think I made it very clear when commenting yesterday on Linda's blog what my feelings about snakes are, then you can get a grasp on how much this does frighten me.

Moving right along with the rest of the day, we have now discovered a great tv program that Maya loves -absolutely loves -and which the rest of us actually enjoy watching too! It has -thankfully -replaced those dvds of the "Bratz girls" with the obnoxious quasi scary-type background music that seems to be going on constantly during those videos. (I hate those videos too -almost as much as I hate the damned snakes, Linda!)

What tv show might that be, you ask?

Jon and Kate plus Eight!

Maya absolutely LOVES, LOVES, LOVES this show and we found it works to give us a bit of leverage to get her to eat all her supper -even little things she isn't all that keen on eating -like broccoli and bites of those dreadful bits of meat that Grammy and Mommy keep insisting she has to have just "two more bites" of and then she's done. Now, supper is a litany of "if you don't eat this, or that, no watching Jon and Kate and the kids. Amazing how much influence one great little tv program can have on an almost five-year-old who can at times have some pretty picky ideas about food!

I love it! I want to nominate this program as the most useful tv show on the airwaves today.

I managed to get supper over and done with in time to hurry and run up to the local grocery store so I could pick up a few little things we needed and by getting them tonight, I could also get to use my once-a-week-5%-senior-citizen-discount! Yippy skippy! By doing that, I saved an additional $2.53 on my grocery bill. Hey, every little bit of savings helps, ya know!

Supper over, shopping done and I made a big pan of brownies to take out to church in the morning for the bloodmobile drive that will be taking place all day Thursday at our church in Lanse.

After that, time to sit down at the computer -finally -and try to get a little caught up in my blog reading for the day. I log into my reader and almost crapped on the spot when I saw it said I had 105 blog posts -new posts -waiting to be read! Holy rip! Did everyone in my blogland universe come out of the woodwork after 11 a.m. this morning and write a post? What the heck gives here, people?

I dug in, was making pretty darned good headway too, I might add, until I clicked into a particular favorite blogger's post and just about jumped out of my skin!

Now this blogger -her blog name is the name of a particular colorful, fruity-flavored candy substance -is usually interesting to read -no doubt about that. She wouldn't have the continued popularity she has if it weren't a worthwhile read, ya know.

This blogger also -like me -often indulges in doing paid posts too. And on her page tonight, one one post, at the very bottom of the page there she had a message that this post had been brought to us by "such and such" product. And I decided to click into the ad but what happened next was something I sure wasn't expecting.

Everyone here had gone to bed by then. The kids had been asleep since about 9:30 and Mandy and Bill had both gone to bed by 11:30 too so I was the only one awake and when I opened this website, I suddenly heard a voice, sounding like it was coming from right behind me asking "Do you hear that?" or something along those lines. Maybe it say "Do you see that?" I dunno right now as my short term memory isn't kicking into gear and I'm too lazy to go over to Barb's post and click it on again to get the exact words right now. You can do that and listen for yourselves, OK?

But anyway, not expecting sound from this ad site, and hearing this voice -loud and clear, almost bellowing and sounding like it was right behind me, let me tell you, I just about went into cardiac arrest!

Yes, really! It scared the living daylights out of me and I jumped -actually jumped -in my chair!

That was not fair to play a trick like that on the unsuspecting blog readers to have an ad that opens with this voice booming at you! It was enough of a fright to my system that I decided to cancel reading anymore blogs tonight and instead, spent the rest of the night working on yet another tablerunner I am embroidering!

What really sucks though is after having that happen to me, being frightened, then laughing at myself for being so damned stupid too, my pea-brain started wondering what the heck can I possibly do to get even with Barb for doing that to me?

I have no idea what I can do to get even there mainly because my mental mechanisms that used to go into high gear immediately at the mere thought of trying to pull a practical joke in retaliation on someone hasn't been put into use for several years now. So that aspect of my brain is really rusty -perhaps it is, like my mind when it comes to thinking of a menu plan for supper, gone totally braindead on me too. I hope not because for many years, being able to conjure up some good jokes to pull off on others was always something that I really enjoyed doing and I would go to all lengths then too in order to pull a good practical joke together and set it up to play out, just right.

Now bear in mind, if someone ticks me off, my system doesn't immediately go into a retaliatory mode. Not at all, as a matter of fact. I can't be bothered trying to get even then. But a practical joke? Now that has always been a horse of a different color.

Since my mind doesn't seem to want to function very well these days -out of practice from lack of use I guess -and I have no clue how I could "get even" as it were with Barb for something I know she didn't intend as a joke or something that would make me about jump out of my hide, if anyone has any suggestions for me, feel free to send 'em to me!

In the meantime, proceed with caution when reading these things by Skittles!

And I think I am relaxed -and tired enough too now -to go to bed and be able to go to sleep with now nightmares about loud voices, invisible entities, being behind me!

And this post has been provided to you compliments of Orovo.


Sandi McBride said...

What? You don't have the "Retaliate" button set on go? I think you do...and I think Barb may be getting a little surprise when she least it expects it, Jeni!

terri said...

I have no idea how you'll get even with her, but I can't wait to see how you do it!

My 15 year old loves Jon & Kate plus 8 too. I have to admit, I could sit and watch that one time and again too. That's a show that appeals to all generations, I guess.

masgblog said...

I'd gladly send Mr. Harper to your town...we're sick of him!

Thx for stopping by...even during my rants!

Mary said...

I'm suspecting possibly a little lady poured some coffee when no one was looking. Is that possible? Just a wild guess. Even if you did pour it and forgot, remember, you have a lot on your plate. I wouldn't worry about it too much.

As for the voice from the computer. I've had that happen and yes, it does scare you half to death. I'm wondering when Barb is going to get a little surprise.

Take care and thank you so much for commenting on Dr. Jim's and Elizabeth's portrait.


Travis said...

Dang! You've been posting but the posts aren't coming up in my reader.

Rats! Looks like I've missed a lot too. Sorry about that.

Suldog said...


Come on over and claim your award. I know which one you'll take, as you gave me the other one already :-)

Skittles said...

Jeni, I didn't know anyone actually went to those links. I don't :P I'm so sorry you got scared!!!

As for the memory loss.. I can really relate. Lately I've even drawn a blank when asked my address!

Have a nice weekend. :)

The Shack said...

Haha sounds likes that "senility thing" is catching up to you! I just turned 50 and have a big problem with my glasses. I can't read with them on and can't see across the room with them off. Sometimes I take them off to read something and then can't remember where I put them. I also can't remember where I put my coffee cup half the time as well.

Mima said...

Although in theory I am not old enough to be playing the senility game, my MS gives me some of the symptoms, and I constantly forget things. I have two wonderful systems in place, either I write them on a post it on my desk, or I get my carers to remind me - the latter one works best, as they have my full permission to nag at me until things get done!

Its crazy though, if I have two things to do, as soon asI start doing the first and engage my brain, the second has gone heaven knows where!!

fermicat said...

I keep my computer speakers turned off unless I am actively watching video. It prevents those kind of surprises. I don't really like websites that are noisy.