Saturday, September 20, 2008

Buzz, Buzz, Buzzing Around

The more I play around on my computer -particularly surfing on the Internet -the more things I stumble across. And you know, it is truly amazing the variety of things one can find here too.

For example, I think I have mentioned in the past about my older grandson, Alex, who I have pretty much set up an agreement with him that Grammy doesn't buy him clothes, nor do I buy him toys. I do however, rely on him to give me a list of books he likes and then try to make selections from that list to get and give him books for his birthday or for Christmas.

The reason for this is that I can't keep track of what size he wears now, nor am I necessarily all that knowledgeable either about what type of clothing he likes. Oh, I do sew fleece sweatshirts for him because I know he likes them, and usually I can find fabric in a "camo" type print that I know he will appreciate too so in that respect, from time to time I do give him clothes, but not that much in that department.

One thing though I know he likes and that is GI Joe type things but usually on a more advanced level -not just the little GI Joe dolls and stuff. This morning I stumbled across something I'm thinking I'll have to show to Mandy and maybe we can pool our resources to get something along these lines for Alex this year for Christmas.

Even I would get a big kick out of rc helicopters and I'm betting it's something he would also really enjoy. All kinds, all sizes -looks like they'd be a bundle of fun to me!

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