Tuesday, September 30, 2008

On Being Okay

Today, I received a request from a fellow blogger -asking me to add him to my blog roll and in exchange, he would add my blog to his list. At first, I was a bit confused by this as I didn't see anything on his profile that kind of "matched" with the blogs I normally have on my own list. Then, I started reading some of his recent posts and came across this - his post titled "I Feel Okay." By that time, in reading his blog, I saw some things that did "fit" a little with the genre (if you can call "drivel" being a genre" of my blog. And I liked the tone of his blog "Big Money List" a little better then.

Okay, so this is a way to increase one's technorati rating, sure -but then again, who among us doesn't want to try to increase that along with our readership too in the process? Be honest now, unless you are merely posting to give yourself an ego trip, we all write a little for that reason but mainly to try to inform and entertain too, whenever, wherever possible, those folks who stop by on a fairly regular basis. Why not then try to reap a little bit of the benefits of a better, bigger readership and rating at the same time? Right?

So, with that in mind, here's the "I Feel Okay" link and instructions, etc. The neat thing too -if you go to Michael's blog and look up his "I Feel Okay" post and if you have a favorite expression, you can include it in there too!

For the record, here's my creed ot tenet -whatever you care to call it:

Autism is not a tragedy. Ignorance is the tragedy."

Now, go forth and pick this meme up and let it multiply -just like we did back a few months ago with the "Big Bang Meme!" It's painless and can only do a little to help all of us in the long run.

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Feel okay? Well you should be! You’ll definitely be okay if you’re going to be a part of this meme, be okay if you are about to have a chance to increase your Technorati and Google Pagerank!

1. Make others feel good: share your favorite, self made, or any quotes as you pass on this meme with the image above.
2. MAKE SURE TO COME BACK – HERE - (http://www.ifeelokay.com/i-feel-okay-tag-join-now/) to get the master list and leave a comment that you’ve made yourself a part of this meme.
3. Your favorites, self made, or any quotes that you shared are collected and will be linked back to your site as its source, this would give you much benefit. Put a category before your quote. (ex. Inspirational, happiness, love, sweet, time, motivational, friendship, and others), much better if you relate the quote on your blog. Ex. Fashion Blog - quotes about beauty; Personal Blog - quotes about success, life, inspirational and many more. It’s your choice.
4. Only one quote and category per blog please, make sure to tag as many bloggers possible. Please update your contributor’s list more often. May we achieve thousands of quotes from different bloggers around the world. Let the fun begin. Be a part of a great collection of quotes from different bloggers around the world!!!

Categories and Contributors

(1)BeautyTips,(2)EmjeiSays,(3)Techmobiz,(4)BlackNickel,(5)ifeelokay,(6)iAM-MAi,(7)NeuroPatch, (8)Express4Free, (9)Club101, (10)Earn4aLiving,(11)Solo-Flight,(12)My Touch of Heaven, (13)BigMoneyList (14)A Simple Life (15)Momhood Moments (16)Business Mars (17)Fun|Fierce|Fabulous (18)My Pink Shoelace (19)Rosa’s Meanderings (20)Chronicles & Tales Unlimited (RED) (21)Within Small Bites (22)My Life…. My Journey! (23)Life is good and Beautiful (24)HappyHeart (25)By Osc@r Luiz (26)Reality Notes (27)My so-called Life (28)Kwento ni Enday (29)The Fountain Of Happiness (30)Amazingly Me (31)Caring Is Not Only Sharing… (32)Onabentofrenzy (33)Denz Recreational (34)Pieces of Me (35)My Inner Thoughts (36)Emily’s Buzy World (37)Maritima Heavenly (38)Origena (39)BiiterSweet Life (40)Words of Love (41)Pinay Heart Wanderings and Musings (42)BlogScope (43)Unsealing My Mind (44)Program-IT-Jin (45)Mspuzzles (46)Anygen’s Journey (47) Best Travel & Tours (48) Ultimate Cooking Guide (49)Me, the Islands and the World (50)Straight from the Heart (51)Never Ending Resolve (52) fragments of thoughts..a piece of life -reyapot (53)LabRat (54)Everettski (55)Pajarolandia (56)SpiritOfTheValley (57)SteelTownEagles (58)ValAlexander (59)LeisureSpecial (60)gLamorousSylph (61)ELSWhere (62)Jeffrey’sLoop (63)LeopardO’Web (64)OpenBookProject (65)TuniTec (66)CranesForPeace (67)CIE-SL (68)Dare to Blog (69)Life Realities (70)WebGeek Journal… (71)Ness (72)WilStop (73)Life: Thoughts & Inspirations (74)On Touching and Saving Lives! (75)Blogger across the universe (76)My wonderful Life (77)Our Growing Family (78)denz Techtronics (79)krchan (80)StoriesInLife (81)Married and Happy About It (82)NetworkOfCombinedIdeas (83)AdventureSage (84)in-TechRevolution (85)Ivory Tasks (86)Down River Drivel (87) Your blog here!

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i feel okay!!! :)

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