Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dream On

How many of you - my readers -like to travel? I do, but don't get all that many opportunities to do much traveling these days. The price of gasoline right now is one hindrance, Maya's school hours presents yet another problem area and well, let's face facts here, money, in general, is always a big factor in that respect too.

But, I do dream from time to time about maybe being able to travel and in particular, in trying to find a way to take a trip overseas someday.

Yeah -that's a really big dream of mine -to be able to go to at least two countries -Sweden and Scotland.

Why those countries? Well, because those are the lands of my ancestors. My Mom's father came here from Sweden when he was a mere seven years old and both my Dad's parents came from Scotland when they were very, very young. My maternal grandmother's parents both immigrated here from Sweden, met and married here, in New York City. So you see, I have an big interest in trying to figure out a way to visit either of these countries.

I've been to one foreign country - Canada -and that was well over 50 years ago since I had the opportunity to cross over that border and see a few sights in Niagara Falls, Ontario. But now, with all the changes that have come about since 9-11 and new rules and regulations set up via Homeland Security, if I even want to venture up to Canada, tour a little bit of that country just north of us, I now would need something I've never had before but which I would also need if ever I were able to travel abroad - a passport!

Considering I've never applied for one of those things before -never needed it, ya know -maybe I better look into that, just for safekeeping, huh?


Dianne said...

Considering how far behind they are you truly want to have a passport way before you think you'll need one.

I'd love to go to Scotland and Ireland.

Dianne said...

Duh - I forgot to say
Love the new look, so much easier to read.

Jocelyn said...

First off, I want to thank you for the lovely comment you just left on my blog. What you said means so much to me. Really.

Secondly, I'd like to be able to proclaim something dramatic about travel, like "It saved my life." But that would be overstating. Better said would be, "It made my life." I have missed big travels since having kids. I wish big travels on you. Stepping outside of one's comfort zone is the best way in the world to re-set parameters.

Mima said...

Before I got sick I did quite a lot of travelling and really loved it, you have the most amazing experiences meeting new people and learning about different cultures. It is well worth you trying to do some saving and see if it might be possible! I learnt a lot, and it definitely changed me for the better.