Monday, September 15, 2008


I'm on a bit of a roll right now -a kick of sorts -almost like a bit of a bipolar high, or so it might seem.

I like to do certain crafts -crochet, knitting, sewing -and yes, embroidery. I'm far from an expert in any of those crafts mentioned though, just do it for the pleasure of making something for myself or perhaps, as a gift. Right now, I'm rolling along, doing embroidery work on table cloths, table runners and such and hopefully, some of these will work out nicely enough to be gifts for some folks for Christmas.

However, I have a bit of a bad track record with some of these craft items. I get started and then, run out of steam, don't get things finished.

Before Maya was born, I did embroider one of those prestamped/prequilted crib blankets and I crocheted a couple little covers for her too. But I also embroidered a baby crib quilt top, finally got filler and backing for it and put it together and got the quilting done but I stil haven't finished it as it needs to have the binding put on it and I'm leery of trying to do that. Before Kurtis was born, I crocheted one or two blankets for him and started another crib blanket -the prestamped/prequilted type, which was moving along ok till again, I ran out of steam and now, I can't remember which color floss I used for the various markings so it is sitting in a state of non-completion now too. Yet, here I am, going wild over doing these table runners and tables clothes, etc.

The moral to this story I think is that in the future, when it comes to baby bedding, I think I will stick to buying the stuff that is ready made instead of making those things. At the rate of progress I've made with these items, they might be completed if I live long enough to be a great-grandmother!


Suldog said...

I'm always starting things I don't fini

Maggie May said...

You sound a bit like me. I love to start things but don't always finish them.
At school we had a motto that we had to chant. 'Great is the art of beginning, but greater the art of finishing.'
It is true!

Debo Blue said...

I'm laughing at Suldog:-)

I'm one of those anal retentive folks who have to finish EVERYTHING or I'll feel like an utter failure.

Hey, what's the update on Kurt-Kurt? Is he home?

Casdok said...

I have these highs too with craft things. said...

Oh, I can so relate! I start so many projects and then abandon them only to start more projects. It drives Josh crazy.

Me too!


Paula said...

I hear ya! I have so many projects running around in my head right now, that I get started on one thing and want to abandon it in short order for another. I've been pretty good about keeping myself in check though and making myself finish before moving on. It is darn hard though!
I hope we get to see pictures of your embroidery projects, finished or not!

terri said...

Suldogs comment! Hahaha!

I'm right there with you. I start things like that and don't finish. Or I literally finish them years after I start them. I finally gave up.

Sandi McBride said...

You're singing to the choir here...I'm so bad about starting and not finishing that I have an entire closet devoted to "unfinished projects" and that includes a manuscript...what is with us? I'm back, have missed you...

Carol said...

I think we all have a bit of this in us. I know I do!!