Saturday, September 20, 2008

Entreprenuerial Adventures!

Ever since I had some medical problems about five years ago now, I've been "retired" although it's actually through Social Security Disability as I was not quite old enough at the time to qualify for the straight retirement.

Social Security is a good thing, truly it is, but there are times when I wish I were back in the work force, earning a wage, doing things that might help keep my mind at least semi-working perhaps. To earn a little extra money each month would be a nice thing too -also a big help especially now with the ever increasing costs of fuel oil for the furnace.

I'm always looking around though -online -to see if I can find anything that might possibly be feasible for me -or even perhaps for Mandy to do that would give her -or me -that extra income that we all need.

Recently, I've been looking at sites that promoted "work from home" type things but so many of them often don't always appear to be exactly on the "up and up" but today I came across this idea for a possibility - franchise opportunities!

There are even some places listed here that require only a very small investment -which would match up with the resources Mandy and I have to work with -and I'll have to show this to her and see what she thinks about the whole idea too.

Who knows, maybe some time down the road we'll become entrepreneurs -self-employed business women!

Kind of has a nice ring to it there, don't 'cha think?


Mary said...


I hope that one of these work out for you, but be cautious. I know what it's like to need extra income. Why don't you try submitting some articles to those looking for web content writers. It's easy, fun and brings in a little extra money.

Thanks so much for your comments on my "It's your Right!" post.


Dave said...

Be careful about "work from home" places.

Vic Grace said...

Do be careful, I was caught by one of those work from home things several years ago and all it did was cost me money. Check them out with better business bureau. I had got involved with a scam unwittingly.